01 October 2009

Nooo! It's MINE! *I* Want to Wear it to Church!

Apparently this latest creation of D's makes the wearer look like "Bowser," and is very cool. This bracelet would also be ideal as homeschoolwear, except for the fact that Mom said "no." And Dad said to put it back on his leatherworking table and leave Dad's things alone, please.


  1. i don't see the issue. *;o)

    Got one in the baby's size?! maybe with pink leather!

  2. Looking like Bowser would be sweet. I can see why D wants to keep it for himself [smile].


  3. Bowser is everyone's favorite guy around here. It might ward off snotty people at church too!

  4. Every year our school had a Run-A-Thon and the top 3 money collectors got to present the money the school was donating on the telathon. I got to go 3 years in a row. I met Bowser when I was in 3rd grade. He was nicer then Kirk Cameron who was also there that year.

    Kirk would not give autographs Bowser did!

  5. LOL Shelly, did you click the link? Are you SURE we're talking about the same Bowser?

    Interesting little factoid about Kirk Cameron. I would have figured him to be more personable IRL.

  6. I think Shelly meant the great Bowser ... from Sha Na Na.


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