20 November 2009

Lunch at the Happy Elf Homeschool

Mom got some trays at the thrift store. I have some children who are very happy that some foods are not touching other foods. Yeah. Woodjie had a bowl of leftover dry cereal and some pretzels and other non-milk-and-egg things. Elf says that the trays look like happy faces. :]


  1. I have to admit, I'm like that too. I would prefer my food not touch each other.

    When I was little I would eat one thing at a time. I would eat all the meat then all the potatoes and so on.. I was a very slow eater! :)

  2. I'm like Shelly in that I don't like my food to touch. And I still eat my food one thing at a time. Other people find it amusing. Oh well.

  3. So if some of your children are happy their food doesn't touch, does that mean that some of them WILL allow their food to touch?

    Huh. From the looks of horror I get around here when food touches (my son even has to have his spoon wiped or rinsed when he moves on to the next item), I didn't think Children-Without-Food-Rules actually existed. Maybe they were an urban legend...

    You should have seen my boy's face when his dad told him it all mixes together in his stomach. Yeah. I was like, "what - is it your first day here or something?"

  4. That is a great idea. Who gets the plate with no hot dog?

  5. Rose doesn't eat hot dogs at all. She throws them. Same with cheese or anything else. So she gets plain bread. It kinda looks like we're depriving her, but we're really just saving cleanup time and not wasting food. :P


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