14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Our church handed out little baggies of chocolate kisses to everyone for Valentine's Day. I didn't allow Woodjie to get one because he is allergic. Not sure how the Easter egg hunt at the church is going to pan out for this kid. Maybe as he is opening his eggs, I can snatch them away very quickly and hide some PopTart pieces inside. Yeah. That should work. In any event, everyone got a little baggie of chocolate kisses with a card that reads, "You've just been kissed! Have a great Valentine's Day! It's our way of expressing GOD'S LOVE in a practical way." Hey, well, it's the thought that counts, though next time, I wish GOD'S LOVE would not be expressed in the form of an allergen. (Actually, I thought it was a sweet gesture, if a bit of a backwardly funny one.) Thankfully Woodjie doesn't notice this chocolate injustice so much yet. We took him straight home and fed him lunch, and he was happy. That's when I received this beauuutiful Valentine's Day card from a small Elf. He gave me a baggie with this "You've just been KISSED" card inside. But all the chocolate kisses were *gone.* A couple foil scrapings and a scrap of "kisses" paper were enclosed. Sigh. It could be worse. One facebook friend statused about her ex-boyfriend giving her a bag of Doritos for Valentine's Day once. It was supposed to remind her that he was "all that and a bag of chips." D says that was very creative and inexpensive. Yeah. At least it wasn't a puppy, I guess.


  1. "I wish GOD'S LOVE would not be expressed in the form of an allergen."

    That made me LOL!!!

  2. Thanks, Sue! Your Valentine's Day sounded lovely, at least the part you posted.


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