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Notes From the Facebook Spy.

G has been told that at least one of his facebook friends will be quietly unfriended this summer unless said friend repents and starts talking about how great God is and stuff. G seems to think this rather an unlikely proposition. But given the circumstances, he understands.

Now... I usually just let things go. I'm usually a pretty tolerant person. I have several facebook friends who are "fans" of gay marriage and assorted deviances. Or who type nasty things about fundies and this and that on occasion. Or even some Christians who write things they reallllly ought to know a bit better than to say, or who become fans of "swacking kids with belts 'cuz that's how Momma taught me" sorta thing.

Arg. Incidentally, and this has nothing to do with anything other than being an interesting sidenote, here's a little blog post questioning whether the Bass family is "quiverfull." I would have guessed "having lots of kids for welfare benefits" (which is an entirely different thing!) based on the video I linked to a few posts back, but you never know. You just don't know!

Anyway... usually... I let things go. And I know my children will befriend people I don't really necessarily like or whose values are not exactly the same as mine. And maybe I'm a little sheltering of my younger kids with this homeschooling thing. I dunno.

Before I launch into this section of the post, I want to be clear first off that I think homosexuality is a sin and an abomination against God. And while that doesn't mean I feel hatred toward people, my feelings on same-sex "marriage" and gay relationships would likely preclude my becoming good friends with most gay folks (just think... would YOU want to be best buddies with someone who thinks you should ditch the person you consider to be your spouse? Sorta puts a damper on things). But I can't say I'm mad or that the issue even occupies most, or even a significant percentage, of my time. More like... if you mention it, I'll tell you what I think. If it's on the ballot, I'll vote my conscience. No need to scream and get nasty or TYPE ICKY FACEBOOK STATUSES IN ALL CAPS.

But my.

This public school thing... they do try to teach tolerance. Maybe they go too far sometimes. Maybe they go WAY TOO FAR sometimes. But I am beginning, just beginning, to understand "what is up with all that" because I have access to G's facebook account.

I find quotes from friends and friends' friends with HITLER interspersed. Threats to kick ass. Threats about how long it would take for noses to hit the pavement. Threats like "jay u r such a c*cksucker and u couldnt get any from ur girlfriend," except without the pretty star, or "ur such a queer fag dont like my status" or how all homos should die. Avatars with guns. Stuff that makes me jump out of my skin, creeps me out, but isn't quite specific enough to call the cops about.

Mind you, it's not ONLY people who are G's school "friends" typing these things. It seems facebook has rigged it up so that when a "friend" comments on one of his friends' statuses, you get to see the friend's friend's picture and the comments (if that makes sense to you). So even though G hasn't "friended" these busty young teens, here I am scrolling away from kiddie boobs on facebook as fast as my little mouse will carry me. I keep thinking that thankfully (or not, or maybe thankfully again) G has lost his facebook privileges indefinitely. By the time he gets back on there, these, um, pictures will be buried wayyy in the past.

But a 14-year-old comments that he "wunts this" after seeing said boobage? Or that certain teens are up to things they shouldn't be... and post status announcements about it???

I don't want to cause bunches of trouble for G because like I said, he's never on the account. I pop on there every now and then on a YoVille coin run on his behalf. But when you send your child to public school, you come across a WHOLE lot of intolerance from the peer group. Whoever said that homeschooling fundie wack jobs are the ones who have the real problem with gays need to befriend about 100 middle school teens on facebook and see what happens.

Please don't take this post as outright support for gay tolerance studies. I'm just writing to let you know that I DO UNDERSTAND a bit more now why public school teachers who care might just be supportive of these policies.

Thanks for listening.


  1. I am thankful every day for the internet.. and dread the day my little ones finally get access to it! They are NOT allowed on my computer at all! Facebook/Bebo/Friend Connect etc are not that good as far as I'm concerned.

  2. OH and I 'tolerate'.... but do not accept it as 'normal'... Homosexuality.

  3. My two boys have facebook but I sit there while they are talking to their cousin's and a couple friends from church. I choose their friends and I monitor it 100% I totally understand. I've deleted any friends that put up really bad quizes that show bad pictures on my facebook and I don't really keep anyone that has major foul mouth. Luckily, most of my friends are either family or Christian. I have some that aren't but they are cool to talk to and don't put up offensive stuff. That's so awesome you care what your kids are doing. Some parents are like "Duh, you think my 14 year old might have a hard time with temptations on the internet???"

  4. Facebook just recently changed its privacy settings. So it might pay for you to go into the settings of your account, click on privacy and then you will see how much of your information is available to everyone.change the settings to "friends only"

    I don't like facebook, I am suspicious that it is a way to keep track of a lot of peole easily.But I do have a facebook account.

    David uses facebook a lot and I need to keep on reminding him that whatever he types on there is on there forever. I find that(as an example) if there is bullying going on at school, the bullying will continue on facebook. Things that would have blown over or been forgotten at the end of the school day are often continued on facebook.

    I have some gay friends and I support their right to get married if they want to.


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