05 February 2010

The *NEW* Schedule

Oh, yayyy. I've realized that I've been frantically trying to get *everything* done at once... and while we have tons of stuff started, we have trouble getting anything actually FINISHED. Or I'd realize suddenly that we hadn't studied the Bible in two weeks. (Really! If this sort of thing hasn't happened to you yet, you either have a schedule, are perfect, or you just haven't been homeschooling very long.) I sorta copied the idea for a schedule from this link (pdf) I found after browsing Luke's blog. Woodjie doesn't have school on Wednesdays, so now I will schedule trips to the grocery store, art or other fun things on this day. We've also moved cooking to Wednesdays. I have left bunches of ideas in the "Wednesday" column and I will probably let the children pick what they want to do after their math is done. Did you notice there is no science to be done this week? We've just finished a science LIFEPAC today, so we'll begin a social studies LIFEPAC next week. When that's done, I'll probably get two science packs done and then concentrate on China for a while as Patrick is travelling there in June with the high school orchestra.


  1. No school on Wednesdays! I like that, too!

    Uhm, you forgot P.E. ;)


  2. LOL So I did! It just isn't happening this week with snow and stuff... though I guess I could count "running around in the backyard and smacking each other with sticks and snowballs."

    We will start swimming lessons at the end of the month; hopefully they will be ok doing this.

    BTW, I'm counting all the electives as "school" hours; there just aren't any core subjects besides maths on Wednesdays.

    Thanks for commenting, Barbara! :)

  3. We come up with new schedules every couple months. We'll decide that something isn't working or the children need to do more of one more thing. Every so often we will cut back.

  4. I admire your dedication to homeschooling Chick! I have given it a thought or two lately in view of Griffin's lack of progress at school... but he really needs the social interaction and would miss school too much now. AND I just wouldn't know where to start on teaching him anyway!
    PATRICK is going to CHINA... AWESOME!!!!! I'm so happy for him.

  5. I'm always changing my schedule around. Whatever works you go with it at my house!


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