08 February 2010

The Possum Socks

My husband is wearing socks made of possums and merino wool. Yup. Bonnie sent 'em to us, along with a ton of other stuff, from New Zealand (postage = yowie). There were gifts for EVERYONE in the family, including D. He just LOVES them, and has been telling anyone who will listen (and probably a few people who won't) about how he has possums on his feet. It's true! Wikipedia tells us that possums are Australian native animals, imported to New Zealand and devastating to the local ecosystem. So they kill 'em and make clothes out of them. These are not the same 'possums you're used to seeing around here, though. Those are opossums, and nicknamed 'possums. But they're not possums. Now you know. D will be wearing these socks to work tomorrow and showing them (and the packaging) to everybody. Seriously, these socks are the best and most unique gift he has received from anyone - myself included - in years. Thanks, Bonnie!


  1. Cool!

    Are they warm? Soft? What are the attractive properties of these possum socks - other than the fact that he gets to wow everyone with the fact that he has possums on his feet?

  2. Awww...that just made my day! So glad that D got a gift he likes!

    Possums fur is really soft and warm when mixed with Merino wool. Ain't it cool?!

  3. I never knew that about possums!

    the socks look comfy
    and cool

    hope G is feeling OK
    I lost count of how many things Jeffrey injured, tore, broke in his illustrious teen career

  4. Those are so cool! I'm also curious as to how warm they are, etc.

  5. They are very warm and comfortable, and it is like walking on fluff!

    -- D


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