28 June 2010

Miss Pretty Pretty

Rose likes to make ca-coos (circles) and happy-s (faces) and dots. She wants to tell you all the colours. She can tell you, "I pooT. Eee-yucky. Poo!" when it's time to change her. In short, the kid talks too much for herself and now must translate for her brother Woodjie. She is also learning the names of all the other people in the family as well as Pikachu, Butterfree, Happiny, and several other Pokemon. She also wants to learn to go potty. We had to teach her that she is not allowed to stand to do "weiners." (Yeah. I'll just let her think that's what it is.) She hasn't gone yet, but we have watched the potty video about 500 times. That also features a boy, but he "puts his wee-wee and poo-poo into the potty," and doesn't stand and jump at the last minute for fun like SOME people I know. Here's a lovely clip from the video. The doctor talks about 89 years in that same voice, too.


  1. *Snort* She's just being helpful lol.

  2. Aww poor girl has to sit to do wee wee's!

    NO I did not get the new machine from the same shop.... give me some credit for having a brain in me head! LOL


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