27 June 2010

Not Really a Debate

Funny how news articles can turn something that isn't really a debate into... a debate.

Hello. And for those of you who weren't aware, let me welcome you to the 21st century. In this century, pretty much everyone now agrees that beating women, selling them, and/or raping them is a "bad" thing. It's frowned upon, ok? Ta-da... look at all that agreement. Yay.

On to rape "prevention." Well, men just need to suddenly become just like Jesus (*zing*) and this sort of thing would never happen. Next problem?

Hmm... guess that didn't solve much. And it sounds rather like "ignoring the problem," doesn't it? Ok. Um... how about we all agree that rape is really bad, and if you're caught, you'll be severely punished? Like with probation or something. If you're caught. And if your witness recognizes you and isn't too scared to testify. And if there is enough "evidence," or the police even bother to gather it.

Oh. That also sounds like "ignoring the problem," to my mind. So, if the law has no TEETH to it, how about we give women the teeth instead? Just where you'd want 'em to be.

New invention!

But the news article makes it sound like it's a bad thing to do ANYTHING practical that MIGHT give ladies the power to thwart an attack. Hey, having some guy being scared that the young lady's vagina might bite could even be a discouragement before the attack takes place if enough people wore these. What is up with all this criticism that women shouldn't be allowed to do this, and sudden concern for the perp? Y'all are sick.

"A South African expert on gender-based violence, Lisa Vetten, said the device harks 'back to the days where women were forced to wear chastity belts.'" Good grief. Sounds like the woman is GOING to the pharmacy and buying this herself, inserting it herself and removing it herself. I don't know if it necessarily PREVENTS rape altogether, but empowerment? Has to be a good thing.

One thing that wasn't mentioned was the idea that perhaps a rapist would be so angry that he would severely beat or kill the victim. Or that, knowing these devices are out there, that penetration would first be made with a blunt object (think broomhandle, violently applied). That might be a valid reason not to wear this, but I would imagine we take risks whenever we try to defend ourselves.


  1. I think this has got to be one of the better ideas we've come up with for self-defense. Rape in Africa is a huge, huge problem. I cannot think of a better population of men to test this weapon on.

    Lisa Vetten's comment was simply stupid. Chastity belts were forced upon women by men; this is being offered (by a woman scientist even).

    Every weapon carries inherent risks; guns, pepper mace, etc can be used against the one who wields them. Women (sometimes young girls) are suffering and (sometimes dying) over there. I'd say it's about time we give them something that can't be wrestled away from them by someone stronger.

    As far as being beaten or killed--as I get it--the guy can't walk once he's been "bitten". I very much doubt he'll be up to doing much more than laying on the ground and screaming.

    The bigger problem (as I see it) is it being used as a tool to get even with someone.

  2. i kinda wonder if it would hurt the WOMAN when it comes out...ugh! don't need to picture all that!

  3. I do see that, too, Mary. What could prevent someone from using this as a weapon? Probably nothing. But there is no way to sell knives without that assurance, either... And as you say, rape in Africa is a huge problem. I hear it is awful in Haiti and parts of S. America as well, but would have no way of knowing this aside from anecdotes in the news and blogs.

    Mrs. K, I have a feeling it is like a Venus fly-trap with the teeth going inward. You'd have to botch removal pretty bad to hurt yourself too badly. I think it would be inserted rather like an umbrella (opens like umbrella inside) and retracts the same way. BUT since I am not the inventor it's just a guess.

    Could you imagine working with the Coke people on a rape prevention device? Wow.

  4. I don't see what the uproar is about.

    Of course, images of Lorena Bobbit spring to mind. Do you remember her? Also, I wonder how many men might kill or almost kill a woman he had no intention of killing whenthe pain of this thing hits him.

    Not arguing against it. A man who's not a rapist, ideally shoul have nothing to worry about.

    Oh wait. But what if a scorned wife or girlfriend inflicts this n a guy, he goes to get it removed, and is arrested for rape?

    WHat a sick world we live in that these things are even necessary. I'm going back to bed.

  5. I know... but I have myself a feeling that this will not be offered for sale here. Probably its use would be confined to those areas where rape is rampant.

    I hate to think of the self-inserted razor blades... rather something safer for both parties...

  6. You find some crazy things to blog about, Mrs. C... and I'm so glad you do because I'd never hear about these kinds of things.

    The article did have a brief mention of physical violence possibly increasing when the guy realized what was going on.



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