15 July 2010

Sexy Senior Photo Shoot!

It seems to me that the senior pics feature mostly girls in outfits that are too form-fitting or in positions that are... suggestive. THIS ad, addressed to Patrick from the foo-foo old-fashioned place on the town square that is trying to revamp its image, I intercepted and threw into the trash. Can you picture trying to explain the "Grandma just went through an oral phase" thing to the grandkids later when they look at the old yearbooks? Have a little shame, ladies!


  1. [laughing]

    Ah, the ways that culture shifts...


  2. Yuck!

    I was shocked when I received my (21 year old) niece's wedding invitation in May to open the envelope and find a fold over card plastered with photos of the two of them kissing, hugging, and looking very intimate. The photos themselves were beautiful, and I can see framing some of them to have on the nightstand for the two of them enjoy, but I felt a bit embarrassed looking at them, and you should have seen the reaction of my kids!

    Way overboard in my opinion. I guess I'm just an old fuddy-duddy?

  3. So glad we don't do this...but then have a look at how my Ditz amused herself last car trip. lol. Something to be proud of indeed! I think it's kids. Some are just a little more...outrageous...than others.*sigh* I feel for their parents. I really do.


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