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The Sideburns

Elf refused to get his hair cut. He wanted to keep his "sideburns." He CANNOT have his sideburns cut, ever. He's absolutely freaked out about it. But he *needed* a haircut, folks. Needed.
I've tried all kinds of goofy agreements, but they didn't work. I can't have a ten-year-old physically fight me while I'm holding scissors, so finally I just told him I'd keep the sideburns and we'll just see what they look like.
"And you won't cut them after we see what they look like," he told me. ("Well, we'll see," I told him. "Maybe you won't like them.")
We kept on and on this way. WHY would a ten-year-old be so concerned about sideburns? Nobody wears those any more.
"They look manly," Elf told me with a sniff.
"Well, a lot of the really, really OLD Presidents wore sideburns, Elf," I said to try to convince him.
"Yes," he told me. "And they were manly."
Sigh. He doesn't know who Elvis is, or that might be a convincer. So I had to use my diplomatic skills, which I have in abundance, oh-so-skillfully. Elf and I and finally we were able to strike a deal. I would document the haircutting process, and blog readers would let us know what they think.
So... are sideburns in with the blog-reading set? Do they look manly? Elf and I want to know.


  1. I personally find the sideburn less look more manly in a fresh and clean kind of way. Think Prince William...

  2. Sorry Elf, but the long sideburns look a bit weird! You would look so much more of a DUDE with them cut.
    Sometimes Mums know best mate.

  3. My vote is for no sideburns. Sorry, but I like men AND boys to cut their sideburns straight off at the ear. I want to see more of the cute faces.

    Maybe when he's old enough to grow a beard and can do mutton chops...?

  4. Looks more like Hasidic Payos than manly sideburns. I would prefer to see a head full of long hair over the faux sideburns.

    Personally, I let my son grow his hair from the age of 8 15. He had long scraggly looking braids for years. Sometimes it was hard to look at but it was just hair. I was glad when he cut it down to six inches though and had maintained that for a year.

    I am hoping he will go for a more professional haircut before he turns 18.

  5. Well actually I think the sideburns are kinda cute. I hate to tell ya though Elf, but they actually look quite feminine. I have seen girls with haircuts similar to this and like I said, it's cute. Very cute. But manly? nah.

    You're such a handsome young man Elf, you look plenty manly even without sideburns☺

  6. I agree with everyone.. It was a nice experiment, but you would look much more manly with no sideburns!

  7. Elf, long sideburns are awesome when your hair is long and curly (like in this picture of me) but they don't work so well when you get your hair cut. They need to fit your current style. For example, here I am looking just as awesome with short sideburns.

    It's all about working with your current hairdo, my friend.


  8. That looks not bad. Keep these sideburns.
    I think your son is old enough to decide himself about his haircut. The hairstyle belongs to the personality of each kid and should not be forced.


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