29 August 2010

God Stuff

I DO try to teach these little children a little theology.  I do.  I've just stopped going to church (long story) and imagine it's not going to get any easier.

Woodjie is almost four, and he can say a few words.  He can indicate that he sees a difference between Charizard and Charmelon, but he still doesn't have that God thing down yet.  He's come a long way, though.  Used to be a big struggle to get him to sit at the table.  Then to be silent for a minute during *tiny* prayers.  We solved that one with much, much training and PECS.  Now, I'm trying to get him to repeat, "Thank you" (Shee-shoo!) "Jesus" (E-dus!) "Amen." (Ay-nen.) before his meals.  He seems to be directing the prayer to a particular light bulb.  Ok.  Progress.

Elf and Emperor, though, have had a little chat here and there about what it means to be a Christian and the like.  They seem to take those Old Testament verses about talking of God when you're walking and sitting down (etc.) very seriously.  Rose can't even play with her baby toys without some kid butting in.

"HI, I'm Farmer Ted," the matching magnet game tells Rose.  "Listen to my banjo!"  (twang, twang...)

"HI, I'm Farmer GOD!" Emperor chimes in.  "Listen to my Holy Spirit guitar!"  NEEER NEEER NEEERRRRRR (jump, jump)

Ok, quit it.

Emperor and Elf also like to play "puppet shows" with their small stuffed animals.  One day, in English class, the 'teacher' assigned a 500-page essay on "how the world began."

"But I wasn't there!" protested the Anpanman stuffed toy.  "How am I going to write this paper if I wasn't there?"

"IT IS WRITTEN," boomed another voice.  Then little *hee hee* boys laughing.  Yes, God was in the class and has turned in his paper just then.  Bet he got an A, too.  They're not sure what was in his paper when I asked.  Or why He was in English class to begin with.


  1. Oh man! I still haven't worked this stuff out & mine are mostly grown. How do you explain that the voice in your head telling you to go do something nice is different to the little voice that says beating up your brother is FUN!?

  2. My family doesn't go to church either they believe in God just not church. They feel you don't need church to have God.


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