26 October 2010

Things Woodjie Says

OffFFF! Okie-non ee-vee! Okie-non! I'm having trouble appreciating Pride and Prejudice and am requesting that you switch this garbage off immediately for something more highbrow. My favourite character is Charizard, but I suppose I can make do with Jigglypuff if I must. My sister insists upon acting out Jigglypuff's singing and face-doodling every time. I wish she would quit touching me with her stupid "marker."

Us? Waaar yuu? I am making discreet inquiries as to the location of my bus. You must "look everywhere" for my bus and wonder with me where it could be.

Ee ent. The movie or show is finished.

Eye surn. Gimme that. It's MY turn.

Waah-waah. My very, very fake cry. I am having trouble with a transition or want a cuddle, so I'm going to pretend to be the baby. You must pick me up and make a fuss over me. It doesn't matter that I'm nearly four.

and finally...

Mamma. I love you, Mamma. Can I have some pudding with my lunch? Extra cashews? If I ask Mamma for something and have a sweet face, I'm probably going to get it. I'm soo cute.


  1. Aww...so sweet! I especially love the "us? waaar yuu?" That is priceless!

  2. He sounds completely precious....especially with the 'Mamma', that just melts any Moms' heart. :)

  3. Awe, how cute! I write things like that down in my kids journals...I think its neat that one day they will be able to see what they said growing up! He sounds so sweet, and it gave me a good laugh to read the post!

  4. Is "mamma" combined with puppy dog eyes? If so, you're doomed. There is no known defense against puppy dog eyes!

  5. He is certainly getting his feeling/wants across ... and I bet when he says Mamma your heart melts.


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