27 October 2010

More India Stuff!

 More stuff we're learning through the Passport to India series presented by Sonlight.  The children are attempting to imitate Rangoli patterns with some flour in the driveway.  (Click this link and scroll down to the Rangoli section to see more on this Indian pattern.) I knew it would be a LOT harder than it looks, but now the children know this as well.

I don't think this qualifies as Rangoli stuff.  It looks suspiciously like a car or an upside-down happy face. 


  1. These look great. Oh, and I am oh so jealous of the ability to be outside and have a chalkboard space that isn't covered in snow.

    As for the last one, just draw two more circles on top, make it more symmetrical looking and it will be good to go!

  2. Well I think they did well giving it a go!

  3. We have really been enjoying My Passport to India, too!


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