09 October 2010

Who's a Pretty Bird?

"If you consider yourself lucky to have your very own woodpecker nesting hole in your siding, you may want to watch the woodpeckers perform courtship behavior, copulations, and drumming behavior, as these usually take place in close vicinity to the nesting site. Later on, after the eggs hatch, you may be able to see the adults bringing food to the young. Eventually, you may catch sight of your very own nestling peering out at you from the pocket in your house while begging and crying to be fed. Vigilant watchers may even be able to witness the fledging of the young, and to feel proud knowing that they had, in some small part, helped in the rearing of these birds." 

Aww... how sweet.  Well, according to this website, anyway, "it can be fun and informative to observe... some exciting territorial or breeding behaviors without having to trek through the woods as many people are inclined to do."

We're thinking no, thanks.  Guess we'll be hanging up some weird-looking foil in our front yard and calling an exterminator to make double-triple sure that there are no underlying insect problems.  We haven't seen anything unusual, but it can't hurt to be positive.  I'm sure it will cost us more than two pennies, but there you go.

I heard a woodpecker from inside the house and it sounds like a large cat or dog thunking about and upsetting furniture from inside.  Nothing like what it must sound like from the outside... but I saw the woodpecker fly away when I popped outdoors to investigate.  Here's what he looked like.  Actually I'm suspicious that it's a SHE, but not sure.  Scroll around for video and sound.  :)


  1. We had one of these in Tuxedo Park. Didn't find any bugs .. but it destroyed one piece of wood siding. It disappeared after we painted the house. Maybe a dab of paint on the board will do the trick!

  2. We have a woodpecker that comes around every Fall and beats his head against the flashing on the roof. It reverberates down the chimney and sounds like the fireplace was going to blow up. I think he's looking for a girlfriend. The first year we lived here, we did not know what it was and were freaked out for several days until I went outside and saw him. We like him now, though.

    Stupid nature.

  3. Paint sounds like a relatively inexpensive option - that may be worth a try. We have migrating woodpeckers show up around our cabin in the fall, and they are huge - at least triple the size of those cute red headed ones - and green. Fascinating, really, until they start boring baseball sized holes in our walls!


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