08 October 2010

Elf is Growing Up.

A little over a month ago, Elf could not tie his shoes or cross a parking lot reasonably safely.  That's a lot of progress!  And until today, he could not clip his fingernails.  He was ready.  And he did a reasonably good job of it as well.  He has been very afraid of the clippers and chewed his nails and fingers bloody in the past.  He is growing up.  This evening, I told him that his father wanted him to go to public school next year for sixth grade.  He was visibly upset.  But he would not be going to that same terrible elementary, but the middle school... which in SOME ways is probably a lot worse... I just didn't tell him that part.  (My neighbour revealed today that she is homeschooling her third-grader.  I was so tempted to ask why and compare notes... but I didn't.) 
I told Elf that he will need to have skills like learning to wait for the bus and how to deal with people in crowds.  And can you try this next year?  Dad would really like you to give it a good shot.  Elf took a big breath and said, "Yes.  I can go.  But... I would rather stay home with you."  Aww, Elf.  I'm sorry.  It's been almost four whole years that he has been homeschooling.  We can try to do things Dad's way next year.  I know it will be hard.  But I want him to be ABLE to do it.  Wouldn't that be nice?  To be ABLE to do it?  I would miss Mr. McMelfie terribly, though.  D wasn't that excited about the nail clipping revelation.  He should have been able to do that years ago, he said.  Siiigh.  Well... maybe.  But I am glad that he is able to do this by himself now.


  1. Wow those are some awesome strides to take all at the same time! So proud of Elf and you Momma--great job! Bless you for even considering public school. That would be hard.

  2. WOW!!!! Conquering one's fears is not easy. For a person with autism, it is a major, major accomplishment!!!!

    Way to go Elf and Mama eflcita!

  3. Good job, Elfie! :) No comment on D's wanting him to go to school.

  4. Way to go, Elf!!! Thinking about making a change in school situation is stressful for us moms, too, huh?

  5. Good job, Elfie! Good luck with schooling...


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