09 November 2010

It's as American as Dad-ple Pie

It's vaguely cannabalistic, but we were tired of the usual lattice shape.  The ears shifted a bit during baking.


  1. love it...how cute is that?! looks so yummy, maybe you could mail us all some that would be nice on a really cold day...blessings to you and your lil helpers(:

  2. I love it! Not cannibalistic at all. So, what is one to do when Dad has no beard?

  3. Love it!! I bet the kids had lots of fun baking it!

  4. I love it!!

    I wouldn't think it cannibalitstic if I were Dad.....I'd be more worried that you thought I was 'fruity'! (Sorry- could NOT resist!) lol

    Very cute!

  5. Thanks, Kris!

    Sue, I think Dad would have to sprout freckles or something. :)

    Tracy, they loved putting it together! Thanks for stopping by!

    LOL ohh Blondeeeeee, you are reading so much into my last post, aren't ya? Ha!


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