04 November 2010

Shriek and Shrill

Don't like rants? Don't read this.

I'm sooo tired of everyone this week. Here I read the election results and note that the Republicans won an auditor position locally. And I'm upset about about it. Yes. This guy LIED about his diplomas so badly that the college in question finally came out and said that he does not, either, have such a degree. I'm mad that the party can't somehow check these credentials, but at least they came out and gave this guy a big NO confidence vote before the election.

He still got elected.

I guess people are THAT MAD at Obama's agenda that they'll elect a patently unqualified lying slime to public office just because he has an R after his name. That'll show him. I'm sure Obama is crying about it tonight ("Boo hoo! NOT the county auditor position! I need the Situation Room, STAT!")

Hey. Our state voted in a DEAD GUY for Governor a few years back, so maybe I oughtn't be surprised.

Is it just me that thinks there's no "Democrat" or "Republican" way to add money? I admit I sometimes vote for Republicans because of the family values thing, but lying is just as bad as homosexual acts (if you read your Bible, you'd know this, my fellow voter).

And I'm disappointed that the Democrat running for state rep. didn't win. I don't agree with him about everything, but I think he was a good fella and was worthy of this position. His opponent sent out letters with the "this guy is a sell-out to the NEA and all your rights will be in the toilet if you vote for him" ideas spelled out almost as clearly as I've written 'em in the pretend quote.

Did he counter the Democrats' position on the NEA with any talk about how he's going to end spanking and locking children up in school? NO. He talked about how stinkin' proud he was to have his wife teach (at the SAME ELEMENTARY that locked Elf in a closet!).

Yay, boy. Not a way to get my vote. Not. I can't imagine his wife to be ignorant of what is going on there and by extension, I can't imagine him to be that ignorant, either. I know him personally. He's not stupid. Though I guess if you have to work, you have to work, and if you want to win elections, you need to get people scared about your political opponent. It's just a shame to see this because I didn't think he was a bad guy. Maybe I still don't. It just makes me sad to see.


  1. we are alike in many ways dear friend :)
    your insight about having to scare people to get them to vote your way is so dead on right!! and it makes me sad as well

    hugs to the gang from me and Hope and the kitties

  2. I love people who think for themselves. Too bad there are so many lemmings in this world.

    ps. I wish someone would explain these "Agendas" to me. The word agenda makes no sense. We are just trying to be a profitable country again...period. Democrat or republican, I just want to see my brothers and sisters working and smiling.


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