04 November 2010

Trivia Question Answer!

"The Worm of the Still," referring to the coil on a still.  I had to read the passage over several times before I "got" it myself, because I had read it as a literal reptile. 

Maybe this one was too hard.  Keep in mind that McGuffey Readers were public school textbooks, so I suppose this would qualify as an olde-fashioned "health" class warning of the dangers of drink.  Ah, well.  It seems a weeee mite overexaggerated, but least they didn't try to put a condom on a banana. :)

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  1. I'm behind on reading the blogs I follow. I was trying to catch up this evening through the links on my dashboard page. I saw the riddle post first and I kept thinking that it sounded like alcohol of some sort (the symptoms fit), but I couldn't place the coil. I read this post and had a duh moment. I mean really, I used to watch those old TV shows that showed people making their brew.


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