30 December 2010


Well... Patrick thinks this sort of thing makes people believe that Christians are stupid. And he's right. I'm not even seeing Jesus as clearly in this photo as I have in the past on burritos, garage doors, pub walls and the like.

Side note: I used to live in this town, too... long, long ago. This is where I learnt that there is a difference between black people and n*s. See, I didn't know that. I also didn't know that black people, contrary to reports otherwise, ARE allowed in the town. They can eat at the local Jim Dandy and everything. They just need to be out by dark. Yeah.

One friend a whole state away knew about this tiny town's bad reputation. I had no idea. "That's because you're not black, and you don't have our networks," he told me.

So there's a network? Apparently. So... why don't people band together? Move out here? Make them do something different? Marches and stuff? The answer I got was that it didn't really have any good jobs or well, anything that would make it worth anyone's while. Ok, he's right on that. I got paid $230 a week before taxes.

Also... if you work for the local paper there as a reporter, black people in OTHER CITIES will refuse to let you take their picture if you're covering the news there. This town, I'm telling you, was like a Twilight Zone where you never quite figured out the plot. Or a twisted form of Mayberry, where the deputy writes "missionary" under the MO on his report about suspicious activity in a parked car.

It's that kinda town... yep.

Post-script: I find this report entirely believeable.


  1. I had no idea you were from my hometown!!!!! :)

    When I went to boot camp in the Marines, I was one of 3 white girls in our over 50 member platoon. We were all talking about where we were from, and I told them. My bunk mate literally jumped on me and put her hand over my mouth. She told me to NEVER, NEVER tell anybody that I was from this town again, unless I wanted a beat down. :(

    Apparently, we were and still are a HUGE Klan town - something I apparently missed growning up on the poor side of town and having the nickname "Token" until 8th grade. :(


  2. LOL! OK, so I read the article AFTER I commented.....Yep - you grew up close to me. LOL!

    I am in Danville, IL BTW - I can see the border. Big Chris, however, is a Hoosier born & bred. ;P


  3. Well now, Patrick is right, that's downright ridiculous. Jesus isn't in that x-ray, how could that be even possible when I see Him every morning on my Cream of Wheat? He is, just before I stir the maple syrup in....

    Happy New Year!


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