30 December 2010

Vulcan Children

Forget being a Spartan. This week, it's all about being a Vulcan. Logically.

Elf now often walks about sedately with his hands behind his back. He tries to do the arched eyebrow thing. Sometimes he stands on his toes and rocks a bit. I hadn't noticed that Spock did this frequently, but Elf did. It is quite suitable to stand on your toes, Mother.

He isn't too immersed in the role, however. He finds his own ears "adequate" and is uninterested in consuming a tuna casserole despite Mom pointing out its obvious nutritional value. He "should prefer not." (Mom's translation: I can't play the Vulcan thing to my advantage the way I could his pretending to be a Spartan. Spartans did what they were told without question and Vulcans... doggone it but Vulcans can reason their way out of almost anything.)

Both Emperor and Elf would like to know how Spock can compute his "odds" all the time like that. Emperor has figured out something Spock hasn't, though... if you are not a main character, and you beam down on an unexplored planet? You're dead. Emperor jumps the OH NO dance when he sees a security officer going off by himself. "Don't stand alone in a red shirt! Don't stand alone in a red shirt!" he'll chant. It's almost like he's superstitious or something.

And he keeps sneaking up on people and applying the "Vulcan death grip." Ow, that hurts. He says of course it does. He's been practicing it on himself until he was almost able to break bones! I will have to add, "Don't use the Vulcan death grip on your brother" to the list of things I thought I would never have to tell my children. :)


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  2. How fun! I was a MAJOR Trekkie growing up.

  3. The term Cannon fodder refers to the ensign on Star Trek that is there just to meet his demise. I meant to comment here not on the Puritan post.

  4. Ha! That makes a lot more sense! :)


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