08 December 2010

My Last Words

"I never knew that 'rise' and 'sit' cannot have direct objects until I started homeschooling. Yay, and now I can diagram it, too! How did I get through college without knowing this? It's in my fifth grade textbook. :)"

That's right, folks, if I were to die tonight, and a newspaper bothered to report my "last words," that would be what I'd have to say to you all in parting.  Because now, major media outlets are using the last facebook postings as "last words."  This is some scary, creepy stuff! 

I know some of you-all would have "last words" about the movie you went to, what's for dinner, the Frontierville level you just received, and the fact that you are tired of ex-wife drama.  Soo maybe I shouldn't complain about my dopey grammar posting being my last words.  I went for a couple weeks without a status update, okaaayyy?  I had to write SOMETHING.

I think some folks go wayyy far the other direction.  They're figuring you might just go at any moment and/or that all thoughts emanating from your computer ought be Godly.  Rest assured, y'all who are like that are going to die with some obscure verse from Titus on your epitaph.

It just doesn't make any sense to me.  Do I need to prepare a "post this in the event of my death" post?  I've seen people typing "authorizations" that we should change their status to "hangin' with Jesus" after their deaths.  But they never give out their passwords, doggone it, or some jokester would change their next status to something truly entertaining.  :)


  1. Well, I hope you are happy....now I won't sleep tonight thinking I need to reconsider the tone of my FB status to make sure in the event that I expire sooner, rather than later, my update be worthy of being my "final words".

    I am not one to take my updates seriously. Frankly, I tend to write whatever makes me giggle. Surely, that is not appropriate for final thoughts. For instance at this moment, my status is 'Getting older is like a walk in the park....when no one cleans up after their dogs.' and yesterday was;'Dear Santa, I was framed!'. Certainly no self respecting woman would want her last words to be those.

    I have it! Words that will serve me well each new day, and even if my new day isn't here on earth!!

    "I'll be back!"

    lol....have a good Thursday!

  2. LOL The Dear Santa one would be *perfect* last words. Aww, come on...

    I know Ms. Edwards knew she was at the end and composed something thoughtful to pop on her status, but most of the rest of us have no stinkin' idea when it's time. Hopefully this is the last time I see facebook statuses quoted for "last words," but I'm afraid it won't be.

  3. I know what you mean, she knew things were heading uphill fast and wanted to get out what was on her heart. God bless her. I don't know that I would be that brave.

    Since *we* have no idea when it's going to happen, and I hope it stays that way (knowing would make me crazier than I already am) I think my status will continue to be whimsical and something that makes me smile. If for some reason something should happen sooner, well, then my final words will always be a reminder of my humor, and hopefully not be made into some cryptic, message from beyond. Unless it's "I KNEW IT!" which, I tend to say a lot. That would just be creepy!


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