05 December 2010

Woodjie's Birthday

Woodjie turned four recently and got to eat Burger King for dinner. We spent over $70 on the food! He's been running about and being busy all day. He's helped his father make puppies happy on the computer. He opened up a "you ee full" package with Lightning McQueen and his buddies. Little Rose was a bit jealous of the attention and present- OPENING, but never had a fit about the presents themselves and the fact that she never got any. I guess they have learned that they must share everything, and they did. Quite nicely. Most of the time. Woodjie has had several new things to say just out of the blue such as "Careful!" and "See you later!" and "Wook. A diya- saur." I don't remember his learning what a dinosaur was or how to tell people to be careful. He'd been exposed to it about a zillion times and now finally - out of nowhere - strange words are starting to pop out of his little mouth. He doesn't get when we are finished with something fun. The answer to that is, "No. You don't do that!" and you'll get an angry pointing at.


  1. Happy Birthday to Darling Woodjie... and words! New words! Well done Woodjie.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Woodjie! You must be thrilled by his new expressions. Just goes to show: you plant seeds and plant seeds ad infinitum and one day.. Voila! The seeds start to sprout! All in their own good time. Keep it up!

  3. Happy Birthday, Woodjie!!!!

    All of those new words - just reading about it made me teary. Yay!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Woodjie!

    And Yay for him saying new words!! He He looks so happy in that last picture..

    and rose's outfit is very cute!

  5. Happy Birthday!! How sweet and simple and fun! And, a present for everyone with all those new words. What a blessing.

  6. Happy Birthday, Woodjie!!!!

    Only cool people are born in December . . . :-)

  7. Way to go Woodjie!

    And, happy birthday.


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