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Being Vigilant

Ok, parents. You know by now that you must officially freak out over cough syrup. Don't worry, though... the government will restrict how much cough syrup you can buy. That will make you and your kids safe. Next up: bath salts.

I know. Every time I get a new batch of bath salts, I think, "I can't wait to get into the tub and snort these." Really. WHO on earth thinks of this stuff? Selling bath salts in little druggy zipper packets. I'd say, "Now I've seen everything," but I have a feeling I haven't. Missouri legislators, the article tells us, are seeking a general ban on these "artificial stimulants."

I don't get it. If they're marketed as bath salts, wouldn't you think the government should be restricted to seeing if, say, they caused horrible rashes if you used them in the tub? I have several children with eczema, and they need to use baby and kids' shampoo. YES, I have a kid who is ten who smells like a ten-month-old. Better than smelling like stinky foot.

But really. We need to legislate against bath salts? Apparently it's so bad that in Louisiana, over half the psychiatric patients of a given hospital were admitted after taking these salts, so it must be some serious stuff. I don't know that we can legislate against every stupid thing people are determined to do, but I SURE don't want more people dying, either. Here's hoping for wisdom and awareness on this problem.

I'll even be ok if you tell me it's an elaborate joke; I just hate hearing about people dying and getting sick over stupid stuff like this.

In other news, I checked my inbox for more questions from my readers. Someone emailed me with information on miracle cures for autism. Doggone nice of them; I can't wait to spend my life savings on dolphins (?).


  1. What in the world is a 'Bath Salt'??

  2. OMG! Seriously bath salts?! It is funny to see how the goverment is "making" the world a "better" place! I mean if your dumb enough to snort some bath products then you have some serious mental issues...I watched a show the other day where a lady eats soaps of all sorts, but was unaware they had bleach in them?! I guess she couldnt read(: Another lady would pull her hair out and eat the follicle only the follicle...that is really nutritional you know ;) I think if people had better mental health care or doctor care, or wait could afford health insurance then we wouldnt have all these issues going on, people are going without their meds these days! I love your blog, your so informative and funny on issues! Oh and my kids still use baby soaps they break out to others! so like you I have the baby smell all the time(: blessings...

  3. Bath salts? How does that even OCCUR to a person? Good grief.

    I still use baby shampoo on my kids too - the next rung up the soap ladder is that awful strawberry/grape/sugary bubblegum smelling stuff and I just can't stand it. Not to mention that I pretty much refuse to buy bathroom prducts with stupid Spongebob or Dora on them. Not a lot of choices left when I eliminate cartoon characters.

    So, about the dolphins - are you supposed to keep one in your backyard or can you just visit them?

  4. Ha ha! I think the people wanted to sell me an expensive (nonexistent) vacation. And I think the "bath salts" are really DANGEROUS drugs in packets marked as "bath salts." Why else would you pay $50 for a 'nickel bag?' Yk? It would be along the lines of selling cannibis as "potting soil" with a "do not smoke" label. :)

    But it is dangerous. I don't like my government into everything, but it is dangerous stuff...

  5. Yowza! yes, not REAL bath salts. Just drugs labeled as such. How sneaky and down right sad. People are sick, that's for sure.

    I used the baby bath, lotions,etc. for the girly forever. Not because of skin issues either....because I just loved the smell and she didn't argue and well....because I am that pathetic clingy mother sometimes.

    Want to go halves on a dolphin? I mean, if it *cures*, you certainly don't want it forever, right?

  6. Seriously, WHERE do you find the bizaro stuff you write commentary on? Is there a special paper that traffics only in strange news that's hard to believe, but true? Every time I see a title of a post on my sidebar from you, I know I'm in for a real treat! :-)

    Keep up coming.....I need to be entertained.

  7. When I first moved overseas I was shocked that you could buy anything, including antibiotics over-the-counter at the pharmacy. But I've changed my opinion now. Just yesterday I read (maybe in the New York Times or LA Times) about the main reason e-coli superbugs are proliferating in America now causing resistant urinary tract infections is because of all the antibiotics being given to pigs to make them grow faster. So it's not even the humans taking medicines which is the main cause of the problem, it's lack of regulation against animals being given the products! I think the regulation of human products has gone way too far and is mainly driven now by fear of lawsuits rather than by common sense, or what's helpful and necessary.

    Eileen, Ded. Elem. Teacher Overseas


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