18 January 2011

Goodbye, J.

Today Rose had to say goodbye to J, her speech therapist. Rose will turn three in two weeks, and this was her last therapy session at home. J left us with a beautiful book and a hug, and we have her email address. I'm going to send her a link to this blog. Every now and then I do have a Miss Pretty Pretty update, and she'll want to see how the girl is doing. In other news, J started homeschooling her own son about a month or so ago. Please welcome her to the club in the comments; I hope she drops by. :)


  1. Hello J and welcome to the homeschooling club.

    Hope you do see the updates of Miss Pretty Pretty (Rose).

    And happy 3rd for February!

  2. Welcome to "THE CLUB," J [smile]. May your homeschooling adventure rock!


  3. Thanks for sending me the link. I have it bookmarked so I can check on Rose. This blog is a great way to share your knowledge and wisdom!

  4. Adelaide, Luke, and TC, thanks for the welcome! And I'm glad you were able to come by, J! :)


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