02 March 2011

Checking In

It's been a very hard week here, so I'll leave some reading material for you as I pass by from the Kansas City Star. Yup, that's Emperor. The link is broken at the bottom of that page, but this one will show you that Happy Elf Homeschool beat some pretty respectable schools. Will catch up with everyone soon. :)


  1. I hope your week gets better. ((hugs))

  2. Second Place! That is terrific! Good work Mrs. C and Emperor!

  3. Great!
    Like the KC Newspaper article too! :)

  4. Niceeee, He's famous now! ;D
    And nice work, 2nd place is great!

  5. Yeah, I had no idea they put the K-12 scores together and that we are second place that way. We were presented with a first place K-6 trophy. :)


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