27 February 2011

Be a Model. Or Just Spell Like One.

Most of us usually overlook small spelling errors in casual correspondence, blogs and the like. But I wouldn't be surprised if the "model as blonde ditz" stereotype just got reinforced in the minds of the thousand or so people who saw the sign. Someone added an "H" later in the day; if you look closely, you can see it.
This picture was taken yesterday at the Expo Center. There were a good number of events all going on in the same building.
Oddly enough, though there were a LARGE number of people milling in and out throughout the day, there weren't that many orders at the cafeteria. The "cafe" was our "Skittles Room," the room where players wait for the next game and/or parents and family members hang out. Sort of like a Green Room in TV-Land. Emperor decided to spend his two dollars on a small orange juice. Too bad it had an expiry date of about a week ago. Makes you wonder what they were serving in the actual edibles, but I suppose we should all take comfort in knowing pretty much everything was deep-fried, and that is sanitary because deep-frying kills germs and stuff.
I had disobeyed the "no outside food" rule when I came this time because um, I had eaten at the cafeteria once before. ONCE. Remembering that hot dog still brings on the heaves, but the pop was OK. I think.
Just about everyone snuck their lunches in. Huge Thermoses, baskets of sandwiches, granola bars, popcorn... many things were passed around openly. The manager lost his cool when one family brought in HUGE armloads full of McDonalds' things to pass around to their group. I distinctly saw everyone sort of shuffle their books around to hide their Lunchables, or move their baggies into their laps under the table after that happened.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that's disgustingly hilarious! Ha ha! NOW you KNOW that's bad cafeteria food when people go that far to not eat there.


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