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Crazy Comment Monday!

I know, another video... but this is too good to pass up. (Warning: F-word at beginning. I didn't notice it the first time through...) These poor downtrodden young students, who ostensibly have gazoodles of money to spend or borrow for college, seem to feel that it is your responsibility to buy their birth control. They only want to be treated like adults. And it isn't fair that the government spends so much on defense and that Planned Parenthood is so derided in the news. Activism time! People giggling, holding silly signs and talking about how they have sex ("SEEEX!") helps you think of them as adults discussing an alternate point of view, right? Yeah. That'll do it. Tell you what: if you want to be treated like adults, fine. A rational, calm, non-giggly argument could be made for the public benefits of STD testing being made available at taxpayer expense. Slogans like, "We lube and we vote" probably doesn't qualify as a rational argument in most circles, however.


  1. Gag.

    A lot of those kids don't look old enough to shave, never mind vote. And No Thank You to my tax dollars going to an organization that will give an abortion to a 13 year old girl without parental notification (never mind consent).

    Also, I miss you in my comments Mrs. C! You didn't enter my pencil sharpener drawing!

  2. Ahhhh....they want to be treated like adults, because all the adults *I* know make Youtube videos announcing that they have sex! I mean, isn't that the mature and responsible thing? To be all giggly and take something that should be private and intimate and special and lay it out for the whole world on the 'puter?

    I think part of being an adult is being patient and waiting for the right person, making sure you are at a point in your life where *you* can make sure your bases are covered if they need covering.

    And, I agree with Deb- I won't support any organization that number one would provide an abortion to a child, but two, keep secrets from parents.

  3. Well, I guess no one told you that responsibility and freedom have divorced... long ago. My daughter doesn't think I treat her like an adult either. She whines, complains, "tweaks out" about it. But, then when the courts did treat her like an adult she whined, complained and "tweaked out" too.

  4. I think part of being an adult is to stop saying, "Treat me like an adult."

    I think perhaps they just got it wrong and meant, "Treat me like a dolt.....'cause that's how I am behaving."

  5. If you have to demand someone to treat you like an adult, it usually means you are not acting like one. Isn't it funny that mature responsible kids don't have to say that because, when you act like an adult, people treat you with respect?

  6. I am not even sure what to say about that. I can't believe that we should pay for their freedom to choose whether or not they should be allowed to terminate the life of an innocent baby.

    Very frustrating!!! and infuriating!!!!!!

  7. If they really want to have the funding shifted from subsidising Oil companies to Planned Parenthood, then they should be making video's about how they plan to drive solar powered cars, avoid using any plastic products.

    The consumer has only one point in the chain where they can really make a difference.

  8. I found this video a bit SHOCKING, and was wondering what it's POINT was. When it finally GOT to the point, I thought it was well-made and I have to AGREE with its point.

    However, I find it hard to believe that all these young people are being responsible or telling the truth about having sex.

    The bigger problem I see, however, is that so many are out having sex without it being a loving RESPONSIBLE act with another person--it's more about lust and the moment with a lot of these young (and older) people. Society seems to be condoning and encouraging that viewpoint.

    Lynne Diligent
    Dilemmas of an Expat Tutor


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