15 March 2011


Our thoughts and prayers have been with the Japanese people this week, and the rescuers and others who have been sent to help. I'd like to hear about how you are explaining events to your children and what websites might be helpful if you'd like to pass those on in the comments section.

I have no idea what to tell my children other than some basic information about earthquakes, tsunamis, the Richter scale and the like. And theologically, all I can say is that I reason if there were ANY WAY God could stop this that He would. Jesus cried over Jerusalem, over the suffering He knew had to take place. I would imagine He is crying now over the devastation of the people He loves in Japan.

I believe the entire world, the very earth itself, was harmed somehow when sin came into the earth. I do not understand it. I am just sad that it is that way.


  1. I right there with you. It's hard to explain this kind of thing to the kiddos.

  2. It was interesting timing for us, because we'd just recently done a brief lesson on plate-tectonics and the internal structure of the earth, so they had a working knowledge of how these things happen:


    I think as they watched some of the video footage & saw cars floating & buildings collapsing it was intriguing...but the somber part hit when we talked abut how many people lost their lives. We talked about choosing (as much as possible) safe places for your family to live & how understanding geology can help you do that. We are joining the world in mourning the suffering horrible loss of lives (both for Japan & New Zealand)and lifting prayers for all involved.

  3. What's really sad is that believers think that earthquakes, wars, and famines are the will of God. When He said these things He wasn't giving us a promise. He was describing the conditions of the war he sent us into that we might understand the challenge given for world changers. We must discern the difference between the promise that reveals His heart and the warning of the conditions of the war we are assigned to. --Pastor Bill Johnson


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