15 March 2011

Miss Pretty Pretty Update

I've been asked how "Girlie" is doing. She is getting smiley face "on task" marks at preschool. She is never naughty there, and eats her snack nicely. She has little friends at school as well. She is beginning to transition out of the "special needs room" because they are starting to figure out that she CAN talk when she jolly well feeeeels like it. She can even count: "1, 2, fee, 4, 5, leven, tirteen, tirteen, fifteen, 1, 2, fee." Those are some pretty big numbers. She can also ask for almost any sort of food you can imagine and has taught Woodjie to ask for it as well. We are serving a lot of mah-mellow cereal around these parts. :)


  1. What a cutie! I've had kids come to daycare whose parents told me could talk but they chose not to for a couple months. It just takes some kids awhile to decide they're ready to in a new environment.

  2. Well isn't that dolly just full of surprises!!

    Glad that she is doing well. I take it she likes the program then?

  3. Yes, this photo is very cute... but I miss her chubby ballerina legs. How is it that she looks like a little girl and not a baby anymore?

  4. She is so cute, and Big! and Yay!! That she is doing so well!


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