01 April 2011

Are You Smarter Than a Third Grader?

Apparently I am *not.* There is nothing like a little work on the chesskid.com website to put me in my proper place. And that is... with a chesskid rating of about 340... with the average third grade tournament player. Yay me. And pictured here is Emperor, who would have been in third grade this year... after beating the computer. Really. It isn't exactly Deep Blue, but *is* set for over 900. How did he do that? I am not sure what his real rating is but I imagine he is likely a solid Class G. He loves to play real opponents online and if you're ever on chesskid, challenge "A-Gust-of-Wind" to a game sometime. He says different players have different "personalities" by the way they play. He can play the computer but never "know" the computer, is how he puts it. Okayyy. He was actually able to play with one of the fellows who make the chesskid videos once! He was SO excited to be able to play him; it was like a rock star landed in our living room. Now that I have bought the premium chesskid membership, he's on for about two hours a day. He is not obsessed. He just needs to study TACTICS. There is a tournament at the end of this month, you know.


  1. That's pretty cool. I have always wanted to learn to play chess. I just haven't found the right teacher yet. Maybe this will help. My son has an interest we will have to check this out together.

    Mrs. C I have missed visiting your blog. I hope to be back to commenting more often.

  2. Am I smarter than a third grader? Heck no!
    I'm convinced that when I left school for the last time, I forgot to get my brain out of my locker.

  3. Woo-hoo! That is fantastic!! Good for him!

  4. Good job, little man! I'm sure you could beat me as the kids i babysat who taught me how to play chess made up rules and i therefore don't know the REAL rules...some day...


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