01 April 2011

People Are Stupd.

Stupd, I tell you. In fact, everyone who has a different opinion than me seems a little stupd sometimes. Check out this editorial on the godless Japanese and the "tidal wave," because notice HE prefers the "American" version of the word. Myyy. Then of course, the writer launches into the fact that a good lack of real coverage of the extreme suffering and loss of life in Japan hindered charitable giving. We are too focused on other things. Ok, I agree with that last part.

I'm shocked not so much that someone wrote such things, but that someone with money printed it. The link is to a conglomerate of small-town papers. You know... the only paper in town type of thing. Read by thousands. I strongly believe in freedom of speech and of the press, but it makes me sad to see it used like that. I should save stuff like this for "Crazy Comment Monday," but sometimes things are past the point where they give you a good chuckle because of the insaneness of it all... Nevermind. I will publish this even though it is Friday. My blog, my rules. :)


  1. I hate when parts of something I read makes sense and the rest is just blathering, makes my head hurt and causes me to have to think and be moderate and take things in context
    where's the fun in that!?

  2. Of course your blog rules. Of course people are stupid. Everyone is stupid some of the time about some things. It's just some people choose to make a career of it. Me, I'm a mathamatical moron ~ which means none of this makes sense to me anyway, ☺ I owe you an e~mail too. Not forgotten, I'm just blahish. Or something. Maybe just stupid? ☺

  3. That article is talking about Japanese people who don't subscribe to any particular religion being 85%. A similar thing has happened in Britain and Europe, where most people now claim to be atheists (yes, even in Catholic countries like France).

    Lynne Diligent


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