17 April 2011

Crazy Comment Monday!

Context: commenting on what to do with the children over the summer.

"I rely on evangelicals for my kids' entertainment. See, since we are Catholic, evangelical Christians are always trying to convert my kids from the cult. They have lots of activities and camps, and they actually feel it's their calling to pick my kids up and take them to all these fun activities. As long as you don't mind your kids singing, "Jesus is My Friend" and bringing home felt and macaroni Jesus crafts, it's the way to go. Of course, at this point, my kids think Catholic church is real, and Protestant church is like play church."



  1. And yes, I know it's Sunday. My blog.

  2. Interesting...so it's okay to have your children indoctrinated with other beliefs as long as you don't have to watch them yourself? Hmmmm....

    I think I just might look for a nice culty summer camp for my kiddies! :P

  3. Blondee, I got the idea that he could care less about the ideas behind the Protestant church because none are being communicated to his children. They'll sing a few songs and make Jesus-y felt things, but no serious "harm" from his perspective seems to be done. He also seems to make the point that from a childcare/fun perspective that they are doing a good job.

    I hope that is NOT what Protestant churches want as their final goal...

  4. I don't understand the whole convert a Catholic thing. I never have. But to me any time kids are learning about Jesus--that has to be a good thing.

  5. I actually find this hilarious.

    No, probably not what the VBS planners are going for; on the other hand, how many kids would come if it was hardcore alter calls all week?

  6. Discuss, eh? A couple thoughts:

    My "protestant" church doesn't view the Catholic church as a cult and try to convert kids. In fact, one of my friends often goes to early mass and then comes to our service.

    The "play church" idea is fascinating. It makes sense that you think a church isn't "real" if you only go to the fun events which are designed to be fun. That would be like saying, "My kids think school is only about running around and eating food because they only attend when there is recess and lunch." ...hardly a slam on school. It's a misapplication of the institution which has led to this unfortunate perspective.


  7. I get the "convert a Catholic" thing because I've seen all kinds of discussion as to why Catholics are NOT Christians. And I've seen discussions put forth by Catholics about how Protestants are not part of the True Church, etc.

    I don't know but that you can be a member of about any church and be a Christian or NOT.

    Luke, that is a very perceptive insight. As Deb said, WOULD these parents send their kids if there were altar calls each day?? I'm thinking no.

  8. Ah... I'm too scared to comment on this one. But...I will.

    Well, there is a HUGE difference between Catholics and Christians. Enough that I would never allow my kids to attend a Catholic event.

    I just know too much about the initial true beginnings of Catholicism that it scares me.

    Both my moms side and my husband's side are all Catholics. I've learned more from it. If anything, they've taught me they are the ones that play church.

    But, enough said... :) I hated that article.

  9. But really, anyone can "Play church" in any religion.

  10. Well, most of my family is Catholic as well. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I know they are not Christians, but I've seen enough to know that the church itself is a moneymaking biz.

    At the funeral of my husband's grandmother, the priest called her Martha. Her name was MARCELLA. She was a faithful parishoner all the days of her life until her health in her last few years made it necessary to move her about two miles over into an apartment. In Catholic Churchdom, that meant she had to change churches.

    What kind of love is that?? She could not take the sacraments from the home church she'd been in forever, and even at her funeral... HER FUNERAL... all her love for that institution was forgotten.

    Steams me, it does.


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