15 April 2011

"Guest Posting?"

Was looking at my technorati ratings and whatnot recently, and they're in the tank. My husband says I need to write controversial stuff, get people really mad, and then watch the comments roll in.


But I'm not feeling that controversial right now. I was thinking maybe I need to let someone do a "guest post," because I see that done on other blogs and it works out pretty well. Then of course D got into all the crazy things he'd say if I gave him the floor. He'd also link back to his own leatherworking blog. Um, this guy kept getting readers after some weird searches for "leather wife" and whatnot were typed in, mmkay?

Of course that inspired him, because aside from some leatherworking gurus in Arkansas somewhere, no one followed his blog, so he did a whole post on how you will NOT find posts about the "leather wife" on his blog. At least not how these people were... thinking...

See my pic with one of D's creations? I am trying to do the tough guy look, but it doesn't work on a middle aged 340 pound lady. Oh, well. Patrick says the spiked bracelets are "Bowser." You know, Super Mario's Bowser.

Maybe I should let my alter ego blog sometime, but I'm afraid of some of the things she will say...


  1. I dunno. No~one seems real chatty just now. I'm lucky to get 2 comments a post though it *looks* like there's more readers. I'd keep the alter ego on the leash if I were you. When I let mine off it's always trouble.

  2. Yes, you have wayyy more readers, but lately your posts are very deep. It's hard to post a "yeah!" or "I think slightly differently on this doctrinal issue" or whatever when there is SO MUCH THOUGHT crammed in there. You are truly on the brink of something amazing and it is hard to really "add" to that in the comments.

    You have an alter ego, too? I've never seen it... mine is just like me with about 200 percent more snark. Just the sort of person you want to live with. :)

  3. Well, even the Facebook postings are way down.. So maybe people are just taking a break from social "commenting". It will probably pick back up after "spring break" .. although I feel a little 'sprung' personally! :)

  4. Yeah, I think you might be right... just checked my reader and it looks like I'm hearing the same thing in several other blog posts.

    "Where is everybody?" :)

  5. I know with the weather improving we've been outside more and more and then blogging kind of slides of to the side a bit, as well as catching up on the ones I follow.

    I say let your evil twin have the floor! :D

    Would you supply the link to the hubby's leather blog? I think the boy would find that fascinating!


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