29 April 2011

Elf at School

At school, everyone is nice. No one is ever mean. The only thing that is very bad is the angry art teacher. Mr. McC told the class that there had better not be another "massacre" in the art class before he took them over. He told Elf that it is best that he not everr knowww what happened in art class before he got there. Angry Art Teacher told all the students they had best shut their mouths and not talk.

Elf said he was veryy quiet and made a cutout picture of some kind in that art class for the school art fair, did you know that? That was fun. Art class is *great.* Maybe the art teacher is great, too, but had a bad day because of the "massacre" that happened before. Mom, what is a "massacre?"

In class, sometimes they play games. Elf won a grape pop! It was super cold because it had been in the freezer. Mom doesn't usually give grape pop. School is *great!*

Every week, they get to watch a movie. This one was a ghost story and a lot of the kids were screaming and scared. Was Elf? Welll, let him just say that it *was* sort of a scary story with a surprising part to it. He got to eat his lunch by the screen. Mom doesn't let him mix up his movies with his meals.

They also have "PE" in school. They will not let him run or play because of his broken bones. He has to stand or sit to the side with a couple of other children who are also not allowed in PE. That part of school *would* be great, but isn't right now. Elf is sure he can do bunches of pushups when he is allowed.

Elf's teacher is also really *great.* He can teach better than his mom! Mr. McC says this part of his starting school is called a "honeymoon" and that we should enjoy it while we can. :)


  1. Let's hope the honeymoon phase lasts for a long, long time!

    So glad it's a success so far!

    Hmmm...an art room massacre....I'm intrigued.

  2. I too would like to know about the Art Room Massacre . . .

    'Glad Elf is enjoying school.

  3. I'm glad Elf is enjoying school so far.
    I wonder if the art massacre involved a lot of red paint?

  4. Loving the positivity and hoping Elf continues to find enjoyable moments at school.

    An art massacre, hmmm, maybe they did paper mache pinata's last term?

  5. I think angry art teachers are frustrated, formerly starving arteests . . . .

    I'm glad he had a good day and that the honeymoon didn't end the first day. :-)

  6. That rendition of his school is just lovely!
    Well except for the angry art teacher.


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