29 April 2011

Juicy Watermelon

Cupcakes skillfully decorated by Elf and Emperor. I got the idea from little mini-cakes in the local grocery store. I had just made a couple extra little plates up when the mailman came by with homeschooling stuff. I was *so* glad we could brighten his day with a little sweetness. He has been our mailman since we moved in 14 years ago and we sure appreciate his careful driving and accurate delivery. :)


  1. A sweet glimpse of summer! Very nice!

  2. WOW!!! These are beautiful!

    --Lynne Diligent

  3. These turned out great. Frosting, white, rind - piped on with green, seeds - chocolate chips. Red? What in the world did you use for the red.

    Can't wait for summer!


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