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Guest Post!!

(And now, a guest post by justGeorge. You can find justGeorge's blog here. I warned you that I might be publishing some guest posts...)

The sun rose up slowly over Semi-happy-people Land. The sunrise created a beautiful rainbow sky, glorifying gay pride in the most obvious way (apparently the Sun God was Greek). The birds were singing without being autotuned, and thus unable to compete in the music industry. The citizens of Semi-happy-people Land were waking up, and they weren't happy about it.

One of the most angry of these semi-happy people was a man by the name of Crazy Bob. Crazy Bob was always angry about something. If the air had too much oxygen in it, he would get angry at that. If there were too many fish in the ocean, he would get angry over that too.

So pretty much he was always angry.

This day was no exception. Today Crazy Bob was angry about being angry. So he decided to take his anger on pedestrians as he drove to work.

Listening to the soft thumping sounds beneath his tires eventually got on his nerves, so he turned on the tunes. Unfortunately, the station was playing rap music, and Crazy Bob did not like rap (It's mostly because the people that rap talk too fast, and he can't understand them.). So Crazy Bob turned off his radio and decided to walk to work instead.

Later that day, Crazy Bob showed up to his job as a construction worker. The foreman noticed he was late, but decided to confront Crazy Bob about it later.

So Crazy Bob started working on the plumbing for the new house that was being put up. Unfortunately for him, someone had turned on the whole plumbing system without him knowing it. So now, if anyone were to flush the toilet in the house, it would of course shoot through the system of tubes and spray the unlucky victim who was close to the nearest open tube.

Well, I'm sure all of you non-idiots know how this is going to turn out.

So Crazy Bob was busy connecting pipes when one of the other pipes happened to be pointing toward him. Suddenly the pipe started shaking. It was almost as if something large and disgusting was shooting out.

All of a sudden from the pipe out popped........ Super Mario! (what else were you expecting?)

Mario shouted something in a foreign language (a mixture of italian and japanese, I think) and jumped on Crazy Bob's head. Then he ran back down the pipe.

Crazy Bob was enraged, mostly because he was a racist and hated italian people that were taking his american jobs. So, in an attempt to keep his job security ran after him. Just as Super Mario went down the tube, Crazy Bob got there. Crazy Bob was only a few seconds away from catching him.

Crazy Bob peered down the pipe. It was empty. It was almost as if Super Mario had used the pipe to instantly teleport himself to another land.

But while Crazy Bob was gawking at the supernatual phenomenons that are common in video games, a large quantitiy of sewage traveled throught the pipe and sprayed Crazy Bob in the face.

This made Bob go bananas. He grabbed a hammer from his trusty tool chest and started brandishing it like a lunatic. He jumped on top of a stack of cardboard boxes. With fire in his eyes and a large hammer in his hands, he shouted, "STOP!"

The workplace came to a halt, and all eyes were on the maniac who had placed himself dangerously high on cardboard boxes.

Crazy Bob, eventually convinced that he had the attention of his co-workers continued shouting, "Hammer time!"

Then he jumped down from several feet in the air, prepared to start attacking people. Thankfully, Crazy Bob did not survive the jump. He died as soon as he hit the ground. (Normally this jump wouldn't have even hurt an infant, but Crazy Joe was just a weakling.)

So everyone gathered together, held hands and sang silly songs (with Larry).

So Semi-happy-people Land was renamed Happy-people Land. And everyone lived happily ever after, until the next day.


Make sure to give me lots of attention for posting this. I like attention.


  1. This is a great work of art. It should be on display in cyberspace forever. Whoever wrote this is a genuius.

  2. I agree. The writer of this should be exempt from all government taxes in every country for writing this.

    Thank you.

  3. Aww, thanks guys. I had no idea I was so popular. Perhaps I'll post more rediculous posts like this in the future.

  4. Wow, you're crazy. Only a crazy person would talk to himself like this.

  5. Well, you're crazier.

    So there.

  6. I'm rubber and glue, whatever you say gets stuck to me, who's really you.

  7. In that case... you're really smart.

  8. I have to say, I was not expecting Mario to come flying out of the pipe!


    GREAT story!

  9. OK, who is Crazy Joe?

    (the original) "crazy" Joe

  10. No idea. I just thought it was a funny name to give to someone. It's supposed to sound like a crazy uncle.


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