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Science is Racist.

Ohhhhkayyy. Black ladies are less attractive than white ladies.

No, this isn't Bob's personal preference. Or Jason's. It's a scientific fact that black ladies aren't as cute as Asian or white ladies. It's evolutionary, even, that they evolved to have bigger butts or something. Go ahead and click on the link. It's BET discussing a new scientific study and being a little snarky. It's ok.

Here's the link they're outraged about and I think rightly so. Psychology Today deleted it from their servers, but I think you should check it out on the cache before it disappears entirely. It's very nice to get all scientific and try to find the differences in the races (and yes, there are some!) to find the cure for cancer or how to prevent heart attacks or whathaveyou. MAYBE it is that black folks or Asians or Irish people all respond differently biologically to a given medicine... I dunno. Let the science lead where it may. We already know sickle cell affects more blacks than whites and guess who gets the most skin cancer. But this "let's check out why black people or short people or whatever are unattractive" is racist, discriminatory, wrong... oh, I don't know what else. Something else. Fill in the blank for me here...


  1. I was considering a post on this very subject. I even had a title picked out:

    I am hideous beast! Who knew?

    I found the actual article on the author's blog, not a cache. I bookmarked it on my other computer. Maybe I'll get the link and come back and share it.

  2. I'm sure you'd get a lot of comments on that one! I know I'd want to read what you would dish out on the subject. I'm still stuck in the "HUH?" and I can't believe it stage...

  3. Amazing, isn't it? To be so smart and yet be so clueless.

    But they did follow the scientific method, I'm kinda, sorta, like, maybe sure. Purely objective...and so -- wise. (Pfffttt...)ahem.

    Hope some of those "less than beautiful" black women don't snatch his head up too bad.

    Stupid comes in all colors, but mhh-mhh.

  4. "Stupid comes in all colours" should be the title of a bar graph. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which colour scientist is the stupidest of them all..?


  5. What? Who has the RIGHT to even tell them they are more unattractive than other races. Who says??? I've always liked white guys because I love fair skin and straight black hair. Someone else would love a black person because of their own personal preferences of what they are attracted to. So what if they are more curvy? I've always desired an hour glass (or coke bottle shape like they said) figure but got more of a pole shape instead. Boooo... Everyone's taste is so incredibly different. I just can't believe they'd go as far to say black people are unattractive. Sheesh.

  6. I cannot believe that this was an actual study.

    This just blows my mind. Someone got *paid* for this nonsense.

    I should have been a scientist and conducted similar nonsense for cash. I have ooooodles of controversial studies! For example; 'The Second Toe-Longer Equals Smarter People?' or 'The Color of Your Undergarments Can Determine Your I.Q.' and actually get paid to spread the ridiculousness around!

    I think unattractiveness doesn't come in color, shapes or sizes. It comes in unkind behaviour, blackened hearts and mean people. My aunt has no face at all right now, she's white and has had disfiguring surgery to survive cancer. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. My Grandmother was white, and morbidly obese for a good part of her life, losing a lot of weight in her last five years of life...the most beautiful woman I will ever know. Guaranteed.

    Sad people read this junk and believe it.

  7. Virginia and Blondee, you are both pretty women inside and out. :)

  8. Genetic/race differences are not at all unattractive.
    Unattractive is meanness, violence and racism, just to mention a few.

  9. Happy Elf Mom- Thank you. For having never met IRL you have become one of the cornerstone people in my life over the last few months and are truly a wonderful friend. Your kindness, honesty, support and love have shown me what a beautiful person you are. Thank you!

  10. Wow.

    ... and I will keep reminding my daughter how beautiful she is everyday, so that when she reads crap like that, she will know better than to believe it.

  11. Hey, Miss Hermitt....fancy meeting you here...I used to email you about once a month to let you know my husband, educator at the National Archives was having Homeschool History...You put up quite a few posts for us.

    I have something for you, especially with your daughter, who I am thinking loved dance

    But I think everbody here would love this TED video. It takes about 20 minutes but it is funny and the time goes fast.

    Hi, Mrs. C!

  12. hey brains... I really need to get over the archives soon. My daughter is a singer/actress.... I will check out the vid. thanks.


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