24 June 2011


So. We could have gone to the license bureau and paid $6 for a permit renewal. But no. SOMEONE let his stuff expire two weeks ago, so that means gathering every paper known to Man and going to the "testing center" wayyyyyy across town, taking a test, paying more money, going BACK to the license bureau, paying more money, blah blah blah.

For *so* wanting to get out of this house, some people aren't really getting proactive about things. Blehhh.

Ok, ok. I kept hearing from him that he would be a bum after college for the longest time. He had this idea in his head that he would buy camping gear and "live off the land" somewhere like a homeless Grizzly Adams or something. Bit by bit, I think he is starting to realize some common sense.

He is even talking of applying to colleges or something. Yay! But I'm just a bit exasperated that my young man didn't have a definitive plan for "save for college and get out of the house" on his 14th birthday. Because we've been talking about this eventuality since he was 12 or 13. Well, before that as well, but on a more specific and serious note.

Can you believe I now have a high school SENIOR in the house? He wants to go to prom next year, but I told him it would sort of put a damper on the evening if Mommy and Daddy had to drive him and his date, you know?

He's growing up, and it's time. I guess I'm off to gather those papers. :)


  1. Well, well, well- changes afoot in the Happy Elf Mom house, eh? Glad to hear that he is realizing that he needs to be a bit more self reliant and take steps toward responsibility. :)

    I bet you would have liked the prom, too. :/ lol

  2. I drove Daniel to prom. To my surprise I wasn't the only parent dropping a kid off.

    As for college--yeah, we're still waiting on that one too. Daniel's current "plan" is to take a year off from school and work, get his license (has his permit), and then decide what to do next. How do we make them understand that while having a college degree is no guarantee of a secure future, without it--it's going to be substantially harder to accomplish much more than eking by?

  3. At the rate we're going, my son's little sister will be driving him to prom! (Just kidding, they won't let a 15 year old drive without a parent in GA.) Still, unless he gets on it, she will be driving before him, and she's two whole years younger.

  4. Not a fan of paperwork or fees pertaining to driving. Not that I have had recent negative situations in this area. None at all. No. Nope. Not me. [cough]


  5. lol *cough*

    Thankfully there is a testing station open Fridays only in our town, otherwise I really would have had to go a LONG way out. He now has his permit, but hasn't driven yet if you can imagine that...


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