21 June 2011

Please. Just Charge Me More!

It seems that companies are whittling down their package contents little by little, but leaving the boxes and packaging almost identical. I understand prices are going up. I don't like paying more for the same stuff, but looks like I have no choice about doing it. What isn't right is decreasing the number of ounces in a jar, but allowing the jar to look the same on the outside. The jars are frequently hollowed out weird on inside, making it harder for me to get the measly portions inside. Come on, people. Jelly is the worst in this regard.


I can't say that it's exactly dishonest in the legal sense as it IS clearly labelled; there are only 129 diapers in the more recently-purchased box as opposed to 144. But still. Just charge more and be done with it. I don't want to be running to the store constantly to pick up a 2-pack of diapers in a mega box...


  1. I have noticed this also, mostly with diapers because my youngest is 2 and not potty trained yet. We buy LUVS and I havent noticed a diaper amount change yet, but the other brands I have...I also noticed that for things like body products was really jumping in price rather then shrinking, for example Pantene was $5 a bottle now its almost $9 a bottle...so had to change my shampoo...People cannot afford the prices of some things now and so the company cannot be making that much more money then they were before!

  2. We have been noticing the same thing while grocery shopping. Jars are still the same height, but maybe a bit more slender, or curved inward along the center to make the height of the jar match the old one, but the slimmer jar not hold as much. :/

  3. the jerks! i guess that serves us for trying to budget per box/container and expecting/not wanting to do the math to refigure it out...

  4. Okay--I won't go into the whole we pay $10 for a bottle of pantene and are glad to get it or I pay $25 for a box of 55 diapers. Because, that's just the way it is here. Like gas that is $2.07 a liter or $8.32 a gallon. What I do find here is that often the smallest package is the cheapest. Like a 4 pack of toilet paper will be $2, but a 12 pack is $8. So it's cheaper to just buy 3 of the smaller packs. They are tricky that way. I find that you really have to watch packaging here. Nothing makes me madder than a jar of peanut butter that I can't get all the peanut butter out of. UGH!

  5. Sadly, this is a world wide trend. It's not only the sizing that is changing. In some instances the quality of the item is not as good as before.
    Take Pantene for example. When it first came on the market is was fairly expensive, but fantastic stuff. Then the price dropped and so did the quality. The shampoo remained pretty much the same, but the conditioner no longer does the job it used to.
    With canned goods, sometimes the country of origin has changed....

  6. Yeah, I agree! Prices are going up everywhere it seems and I'm sure a lot of that has to do with gas prices. My dad was the guy that delivered that types of stuff. Because of the gas prices, his company had to keep raising their delivery charge. Which in turn, makes the product price go up. Or maybe in this case, offering less product to keep the price looking the same.

  7. Hello! Just stopping by to say hello friend! We have missed you guys! I have got to catch up, going to read your blog!

  8. I have a one cup coffee maker that uses coffee pods. I used to get 18... now I get 16 AND they cost more. They are still cheaper than a coffee store drink. It is cheaper than making a pot of coffee and wasting some of it. I am the only coffee drinker in the home and I cannot tolerate more than a single cup. It tastes better too.

    And, I am happier with some of the move to smaller. I love that DQ has smaller Blizzards. Who in the world needed 2 cups of ice cream at a time? Less chips in a single serving bag, I am good with that too. My only beef is that I seem to get charged more for portion controlled servings. I have to pay for the product and all the extra packaging.



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