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The End. Of School. For the Year.

I let Elf attend the end-of-year fifth grade party last week. I figured he'd want that extra few hours to say goodbye to friends, eat snacks and listen to the DJ music/whatever the kids do. So happens D took the day off work, so I decided I'd pop by with my camera to take some pictures and help out.

Do you see any pictures in this post? Me neither. There's a reason for that, though...

I found Elf in the corner just standing there, looking at his shoes. Everyone else was running back and forth all over the gym or dancing, or giggling in little groups. Asked Elf what was wrong.


Ok... nothing is wrong, but you are standing here doing nothing and not off with your friends.

That's right. And more than that, he's starting to get MAD AT EVERYONE because his friends keep asking him to dance or play and he doesn't wanna. But in answer to my question, NO. He doesn't want to leave.


So I'm letting that sink in a minute. Hm. You know, Elf, your friends are probably thinking you're acting like a jerk because they want you to have fun with them and you are saying no. Maybe you should apologize.

I kept trying to prompt him to go see his friends. He wanted me to go with him... so I went. Then he suddenly hid behind me and asked me to talk. Sorry! Maybe I just looked like the most foolish mom ever just then, but sorry! If Elf has something to say, he needs to say it. He clammed up.

Back to the corner again for a huddle. Elf doesn't want to leave. But he doesn't want to dance, either.


Elf, how about you talk with this group of kids over here? They're your friends. No, he told me. And he seemed to be fighting the urge to cry. It just is not appropriate on the very last day of school to have a party, he told me.

Ohhh, so... you know that when you leave here, you can't come back ever again. As a student, anyway. Elf nodded.

Aww. Took the guy out of the gym and we said goodbye to the office staff. And then Elf DID cry. Started to walk out and saw one of the ladies who tested Elf before he came to school. Then *I* cried.

*sniff* I just love the staff at Oak Tree Elementary. I love them as much as I detested the staff at Famous Explorers Elementary. Just their kindness has brought a lot of healing to Elf. And to me.

In Elf's papers, I found a report card. He got an A in reading, B in Language Arts, B in Mathematics, B in Science and Social Studies, and an S (satisfactory) in Art, Music and PE. And there was a note:

"Elf has been such a welcome addition to our classroom! He arrived ready, willing, and able to take on any challenge! He has truly excelled in the 23 days that he has been with us. Of note, his desire-- and ability -- to read independently is truly amazing. Also, Elf displays great life skills, i.e., 'Please,' 'Thank you,' 'Excuse me,' etc. What a kind, compassionate child he is! One suggestion: Continue to work on listening and organizational skills! Elf is a conscientious student who will use his determination to do grand and glorious things in life!"

Thank you, Mr. McC. I see you have already done grand and glorious things with yours. God bless you.


  1. Clearly Elf did not want school to end. Poor wee man.
    What a fantastic report card...all kudos to YOU for all the hard work you have put in to make him ready for school.

  2. May he be able to have another good experience this next school year. I wish all teachers gave such thoughtful comments on a report card.

    Let Elf know that even some of us adults get rather sad over leaving a place we really like. But, if we never take the step from the old, we won't know what great adventures await us at the next place.

  3. Well done Elf!!
    Look forward to next year now.

  4. Oh, *sniff* now I'm crying. What a wonderful, sweet teacher. Can't he just take her with him?! What a gift she was to Elf and to you.

    Prayers for a great summer, and just the right teachers next year, too!

  5. Thank you, Chris. He really did want to stay.

    Laura, you're right. But... this place is very special. I suppose it's good he didn't flunk those 23 days, so he doesn't "get" to stay another year. :)

    Thank you, River!

    Aww, Sue, didn't mean to make you cry! Mr. McC (male teacher) seems pretty happy teaching fifth grade. Middle school is a whollle 'nother game. One of our fave special needs teachers has just retired from there, God bless her. Hope they get someone good; we'll just have to see how next year goes.

  6. Oh, poor Elfie! It is so hard to be a kid, isn't it?

  7. I managed to find you via twitter--the note at the end is priceless. I'm glad you found a good school.

    PS--I read down further and saw you are in KC, as am I. I was dumb enough to go out and that tornado DID go over our houses here. Scary!

  8. And he seemed to be fighting the urge to cry. It just is not appropriate on the very last day of school to have a party, he told me.

    The poor little guy. And what a terrific note to get from a teacher.

  9. How absolutely wonderful that he did so incredibly well!!!! All of your fears and concerns, Momma's heart worries and anxiety for him going back to school. And he did it, rocked it, made friends and loved it. You have done a *tremendous* job with him, I hope you realize that his accomplishments are because of you and your dedication to him.

    I am proud of Elf. I am proud of YOU!!

    Sorry that the party was a little too much for him, though. That's a bummer. :/

  10. Deb, it IS hard to see... but I was glad to see it because really? It means they cared for him so nicely at Oak Tree.

    Yikes, Lizbeth! The way I felt then, I can't imagine it magnified by being in a car at the time...

    Mary, I knew you'd appreciate that! I have a feeling Mr. McC is a writer in his spare time like you, but I never asked.

    Blondee, doggone it I should have seen a problem with the party a mile away. BUT of course I did not.

  11. Oh gosh, got tears in my eyes here, too. Poor Elf. :( On another note, holy cow, that teacher is wonderful, and so are you for preparing Elf so well. :)

  12. Oh how difficult for him.

    Fantastic report card - well done Elf :)


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