04 June 2011

Gangsta Pants Tutorial

I bought the shorts in the first picture at the thrift store simply because I thought they were kewl. After Emperor began wearing them, G said they were "Gangsta." Apparently "Gangsta" is a good thing clothing-wise. Emperor had some ripped up jeans and I thought it would be a fun project to make our own sort of "Gangsta" pants. Emperor drew Hello Kitty, a vacuum flower Pokemon, and some chess pieces on his shorts. That's Gangsta (I guess). I sewed all over the shorts... hmm... I will need to use contrasting thread next time and maybe some dye. Or maybe we can gussy this up later by adding a different colour marker.


Of course, Elf wanted his own "Gangsta" shorts as well. So I let him doodle on his new shorts. Why not. His are decorated with Pokemon. We had a lot of fun making these and they'll be used all summer long.


  1. Very artistic, I like the. Different colour markers would be great. Design wise.

  2. How fun!!!

    I bet the boys loved doing that! I think I will steal this idea and let the girly do it.


  3. That is, in fact, quite kewl. I might steal this idea, too.


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