19 June 2011

Look at Me GO! :)

LilySlim - (FlOn)

Please welcome my Lily Slim ticker. I also posted it on my sidebar. Look how hard I am working! I refuse to post starting/ending weights. Juuust trust me that I will still be overweight when I lose the 80 pounds. BUT this is my goal for now. It might not be updated this week, but ordinarily I will update it every Wednesday. Do feel free to notice the numbers and leave encouraging comments.


  1. PS. NO, I don't look like this, and no, I don't ride bikes. BUT the Lily Slim tickers let you post your choice of a ticker and a "slider." I thought these went together nicely. :)

  2. Yey! I am not a "Must be slim" sort of person, but I have lost some weight recently and I feel so much better, find things easier and am loving it!
    Enjoy discovering new foods that are less fattening and the rush that exercise can give you. Have you found an activity that you love? Like hooping or dancing or anything that you find fun. :-)

  3. I'm a firm believer in setting smaller goals when the big goal seems so far off for reaching. Love the ticker and if I ever get serious about dropping my excess baggage, I'll get one for my blog.

  4. Thanks, Eccentricess! I am beginning to learn about these "vegetables."

    Laura, I sort of regret posting 80 pounds and maybe I shoulda done 20 at a time? But hey. Live n learn.

  5. Hey now! No regrets about being honest. Twenty at a time would feel repetitious, wouldn't it. However 80 shows the progress through the journey, which is exactly what this is!!

    Love the ticker, love the determination, love the lady behind it all. ;)


  6. Good luck with that Chick. I'm aiming on losing about 80 pounds too!

  7. Ya wouldn't mind if I joined you? I will, if it's free. It won't be a contest...but...I started a diet, lost 15 pounds and just quit. My goal was to lose 50 lbs in a year. (I need to lose 100 lbs, at least, to be "normally big". Yes, I am a BIG girl!)

    I don't want to be a copy-catter, but I do want someone besides me to be accountable to.

  8. Besides, c-mon, I got eyelids that weigh more than you. How'd ya like to get beat by a fatty, ya light-weight??

  9. Thank you, Blondee!

    Chris and Brains, we DEFINITELY need to be teammates, cheering each other on! I'd love if you want to use a similar ticker. :)


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