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Laura from Day by Day in Our World has thrown a Sunshine Award my way! Thanks, Laura! The rules are to tell seven things about yourself and link to some other bloggers so that they can do the same! Sometimes I've made new bloggy friends by following links or popping over to someone's blog after they've made a comment on mine or a friend's.

And now, the seven things... but I will hit the shift key instead of the number for extra fun.

!. Ok. First thing. I've GOT to get things out of my brain, and the things I have to tell you aren't all about me, so you are stuck reading some random dribblings. Well, or clicking away. But then you would miss out.

@. I am not pregnant. I just thought I'd let you know that. Thank you for asking me when the baby is due and then when I tell you I'm not pregnant? Thanks for letting me know I waddle when I walk and you thought the baby dropped. You suck.

#. In unrelated news, I am now on a diet. Yeah, I spent a few weeks gorging on pizza, crying and getting even fatter after that little remark but whateva. It's not even that this person was trying to hurt me so much as she's old and has no guard over her mouth anymore. I started yesterday and still haven't lost anything. I gained a pound. I checked. Maybe I will quit next week if this is the sort of "result" I'm going to get from going hungry. I am somewhere between 160 and 465 pounds and I would like to lose... realistically, about 40 pounds and be 40 pounds overweight. Just enough so that I'm not asked about twins. :(

$. I miss butter. Butter goes with everything. You can even microwave a bit of butter (not icky margarine) add some brown sugar and cinnamon and yum. WHY bother with the bread part of the cinnamon roll when you can just eat this? Caveat: if you eat an entire bowl, you might feel a little sick and then your husband might tell you he is not feeling sorry for you anymore because you didn't learn your lesson last time.

%. Ok. Onto religion because everyone knows that's a topic for polite conversation. Something I don't get. WHY do some really conservative Protestants get really nasty about Catholics for obeying the Pope all the time, but then listen to total crackpots with "biblical authority" who think there are RFID chips in the swine flu vaccine and that Obama is trying to convert everyone to Islam? Or follow the father of the home, no matter how STUPID he is? Dang, at least the Pope was vetted, yo. And yes. I get the husbandly authority thing. I do. And I agree with it. I just think some people carry this concept so far that... well... they're wack.

^. I know some folks are prolly pretty lax in their homeschool. Mine over the summer looks like, "Here's a book. Read a chapter." BUT at the chess club last night all the other homeschool moms were planning their days, blocking SCHEDULES and cracking the textbooks. Does anyone else out there just sort of *feeeeel* it's a History day, or is it just me?

&. One thing that makes me very happy are people who can forgive. I am soo ditzy on stuff and have tried to help plan a party and fell on my face. You know it's sad when the person for whom the party is planned has to help out. Still in the RSVP stages and then how much food to get based on RSVP's? What if tons of people never RSVP and then show up? What then? How do other people plan "casual get-togethers" and not run out of food or have WAY TOO MUCH food/leftovers for 2 months? But... other people are working with me and kicking my hiney in the right direction. And they are forgiving. *whew* That means a lot.

Now I'm passing on the award!

Andrea Hermitt is one of those people who has homeschooled for about forever. She's homeschooling her children all the way through high school and she has a series of YouTube videos as well. That's how I got to "know" her. She's started those up again and I can't wait to see what she's going to say next.

Sue is blogging from Japan. She is such a lovely person and her photos are works of art. I've been reading her for a while and am surprised she does not have a super-large following. :)

Mommy Kerrie is just stinkin' hilarious. Go say hi and you won't be disappointed.

Emperor is cute and would appreciate visitors.

Elf is (apparently) not cute but would also appreciate visitors.

Happy blog-hopping! Winners, you DO NOT have to participate. It isn't sunshine-y to have yet another obligation dumped in your lap. I'm just passing on some linky luv to you and hope it brightens your day.


  1. I remember getting frustrated because I was so hungry and not losing any weight. I gave up and gained back the 10 lbs I lost. It was so frustrating. Maybe I should've changed my exercise routine some. I don't know. It is discouraging when you don't see the results but I'm sure you will soon! I would count all my calories carefully and I was always surprised how fast it added up. :P I would be like "But, but, I'm still hungry!" Sigh.

  2. I had the stomach flu from hell a couple of weeks ago and lost 15 pounds.

    Also...thanks for the linky love and THANK YOU for the belly laughs due to the words straight out of the urban dictionary. This post was definately not wack yo.

  3. I love how you turned the sunshine award into your own little unloading session.

    Woo-hoo on the diet!! And don't be a stink a weigh yourself every day!! Your body can fluctuate up to 2 pounds in a 24 hour you most likely didn't gain a thing. ;D

    And the butter thing...I feel a little woozy just thinking about that one. Hmmmm....I think I'd need the bread! lol

  4. Virginia, that's how I feel! Still hungry. Counting calories and hating it but otherwise it WOULD sneak up on me.

    lol Andrea, I'm glad it wasn't wack... usually my writings are...

    Yeah, Blondee, I sure did unload there, but I have another three dump trucks and you know it... :)

  5. I love your sharing and am glad you accepted the award. Anyone that brings a smile to my face is deserving of the sunshine award.

    I hear you on the dieting. I've found that after the first week of controlling my caloric intake, it gets a bit easier. And, I'll second the weight fluctuation comment. I had a nice number on the scale yesterday morning, but today it was up 2 pounds :o( My super skinny husband (all of 145 pounds...grr...) says his weight fluctuates within a 5 pound range.

    I'll be visiting those you gave linky love to in this post. Just not this moment as dinner is cooking....

  6. I hope you do well on the diet mate and congrats on getting an award.


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