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Crazy Comment Monday!

I know it's early, but I just have to share. Would you like to join the Obedient Wives Club? Wives promise to give their husbands whatever they want in the bedroom and aim to be "good whores" for them:

"Fauziah Ariffin, the Malaysian chapter's national director, said: 'When we said that husbands should treat their wives like first-class prostitutes, we were not putting wives on the same level with prostitutes.'"

"'We are talking about first-class elite types, not street hooker types … Ordinary prostitutes can only provide good sex, but not love and affection, which only a wife can provide,' she told the Malay Mail."

"'If we provide our husbands [with] more than a prostitute can give, then he will not go out looking for it.'" Article.

Ya know, what's scary is that this is not just a "Muslim thing." I'm daggone tired of Christian websites that extol the virtues of giving the husband regular sex and backing it up with Bible verses. The implication being that if the marriage is off-kilter or altogether bad that the wife at least had a good deal to do with it if not being entirely in the wrong. That the straying husband just didn't get what he "needed" at home and so wandered elsewhere.

I should imagine that taking the verses in CONTEXT that the Christian school of thought ought be one of consideration of others' needs and forgiveness in all areas of life. This is because we see that Christ considered us and forgave us and gave His entire life for us. He did NOT at any time (excepting the Cross, which had an explicit purpose forordained from the foundation of the world etc.) simply roll over and just allow Himself to be physically and emotionally abused.

I can't imagine He wants that lifestyle for any of His children. I saw this on facebook, and it was posted by a woman in a Muslim family. She said that she was "happy to see that women everywhere are outraged about this" Obedient Wives organization. Yep, they should be.


  1. I've never really been a feminist...but I do remember my husband pulling the one about "wives should obey their husbands" and let him know it also said,"Husbands, love your wives."

    Told him if I had to obey him, I didn't have to love him. It's in the bible...He got mad.


    Blaming the wife for the affair is kinda low-life. Love is a two way street.

    I think tenderness and vulnerability are very sexy. Sadism and all that rot, not so much.

  2. WOW! Jump from the usual topics, eh? lol

    I think it's okay to obey in the sense of showing respect for your husband, but Blondee is no man's doormat, or slut for that matter.

    We have a tight sect of bible quoting, judgy jumper wearing homeschoolers where I live and to say the least I do not fit in with them. I befriended a couple of them to keep peace and be neighborly and was *floored* by one who believes in being completely submissive to her husbands demands. We had our children at swimming lessons when she became ill. She was almost 7 months pregnant with baby number 7 at the time. She came into the room pale and having trouble walking, she shared that she was losing blood, but didn't want to go to the doctor because she would be too embarrassed. I told her there was nothing to be worried about, that she needed to get help for the baby. Then she explained the bleeding was rectal...because her husband is sickened by vaginal sex during pregnancy he 'demands' she satisfy him by taking his urges rectally until after the baby is born.





    She was not. I was disgust4ed, horrified and just floored that this was her 7th pregnancy and he was treating her no better than a barnyard animal. The bleeding had happened before and she didn't want to talk to a doctor about it because she was worried it would upset her husband.

    Sorry, there is submissive, then there is abuse. Submission is entrusting your partner knowing they would never endanger you and that they put your needs first. Not being their sexual pumping station.

  3. If I suddenly turned into an obedient wife, my husband would think he was in the wrong house lol.

  4. Let's start at the very beginning shall we? If husbands are head of the house [ie the leader] they are to love their wives ~ regardless of what wifie is, says, or does. Expect everything a man ever wanted from his woman would come his way if he took the lead he was meant to. It's back to front to start with the woman & blame her for all that's wrong. Not only does it take two to tango, it starts with the man. Always did. Wanna hear my version on the garden of Eden?! lol

  5. I was offended until I got to the part where she clarified with "high class hooker."

    That's different.


  6. My biggest problem with organized religion.

  7. I changed my mind. I'd like to know what it felt like to be treated like a high class hooker.

    I'm sure as hell they don't cook meals or do laundry, clean the house, or GOD FORBID, raise children.

    And I'm sure as hell they don't do their clothes shopping at Wal-Mart.

    In fact, I can think of very few men who could afford a high-class hooker wife to begin with.

  8. I wish I had a "like" button for these comments! :)

  9. you are so freaking funny! ooh, i just saw that you have flat stanley stuff on the side of your blog. i always wanted to do that. anyway, i got distracted there. um, where was i? oh, yeah, so regular sex whenever wanted is a great concept, but what about that little thing called PREGNANCY? whenever i see teens making out i say to them "hey, sex makes babies. check out my 5!!!" and yeah, i'll obey my man and do it all the time as long as he'll obey me when i tell him i'm heading to the mental hospital for a month and he needs to watch our 15 children.

  10. Sadly, Andrea Yates came to mind with your comment... Babies are awesome, but really if someone had serious mental health issues (I know you were kidding, but speaking generally), maybe 28 kids isn't the best option, yk?


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