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Easy Canvas Prints Review!

Easy-to-order canvas prints of your very fave picture. Or you can order some of the premade art on their website. I was given a free 10 x 8 inch canvas print in exchange for an honest review on this blog. See, I won't lie to you about the product, because if I write a scathing review, I won't have to give my free stuff back. Bwa ha ha haaaa.


Seriously, I really had A LOT OF FUN doing this and I think it turned out ab-so-lutely gorgeous. I spent an entire afternoon posing all my Polish pottery this way and that way, taking pictures from odd angles, adding props, taking props away, loading pictures and finding tons of *glare* on the pottery, and so on. I even had Patrick come in and be a consultant. Red accents? His idea. I rummaged about and found a cloth napkin. Cranberries for some reason did NOT work with this picture. Neither did patterned curtains. It was tacky.


But finally, I had a picture I thought was something I'd really cherish. I wanted to go for a "formal but casual picnic look." Do you love it?


Here's the process I went through to order:


I downloaded the picture from my camera stick thing onto the computer. From there, I got onto the Easy Canvas Prints website, selected the size print I wanted, and downloaded the picture. It gives a preview, and you can choose to continue the picture down the sides of the frame or just choose a colour, or leave it blank. I chose a dark brown just because I thought it looked nice with the picture. I tried several colours and periwinkle I think looked the most horrid. You have to love the preview feature because it can save a lot of heartache later.


Even considering that I ordered before the Fourth of July weekend, I got my canvas within about a week. I took a picture of it from all sides so you can see how it arrives, all ready to hang. The first picture has a lot of glare because it is still in the plastic wrapping.


Because I took the original picture against my wooden panelling, and later hung the resulting canvas against the wooden panelling, it all just goes so perfectly. I would honestly recommend taking a look at the website if you are at all interested in hanging a personalized canvas. If you take a picture in the room in which you'll hang the canvas, it will match pretty closely.


Thank you, Easy Canvas Prints! :)


  1. I LOVE your picture!!
    It looks perfect against the panelling and the brown edge is just right, looks like shadow, just as it would on a framed image.
    I can do a similar thing here by putting images on a usb stick then going across the road to Officeworks (a huge office stationery store with printing facilities) and loading it into one of their big printers, then choosing type and size of print etc. I've been thinking about doing it with a series of roses and daisies photos that I took several years ago. I think they would look good around the walls of my bedroom, with the first being the bud and the last being the full-blown rose.
    I'm just not sure how much it will cost me for 5-6 canvases.

  2. P.S. about your comment on my blog, blogger probably ate it, I never remove comments.

  3. Now that is COOL. You really did a good job. The red worked out nice, too. Added depth, or something.(Imagine I know a thing about art--ha!)

    The possibilities are endless, because you could take any picture and doll it up with that picture changy thingy we have on our Hp printer software. AND make an ART PRINT out of it.

    Cool...Thanks, will check out link.


  4. That came out so nice!!! I love it! I also like where you put it. Patrick was right, the red accent is nice, kind of makes the whole thing pop. Gorgeous!


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