02 July 2011

Product Review: Tajin!

I'm talking about Tajin (pronounced tah-heen) today because I think some of YOU might be interested in this product. I wasn't compensated for this review.

Tajin is a spice made with lime and chili peppers and tastes just a little salty. You can sprinkle it on fruit such as bananas or apples, and it really does give it a unique and new taste combination. At about $2 a bottle, you might just consider trying it and seeing if it's something you want to keep in your pantry regularly.

Rose's speech therapist J got us some bottles from her Wal-Mart across town. It's not available in our local store. I really MISSED the Tajin seasoning once our second bottle was gone... but I just wasn't able to make a trip across town for fruit seasoning. Enter La Tienda Chiquita near the Liberty Square. Like 'em on facebook and hear more about their specials if you're interested. For those of you not local to the KC area, I'd suggest looking in Wal-Mart first and then trying amazon.com or a local store that carries a large selection of Mexican foods.

I first learnt about Tajin from J. Rose had many difficulties in eating certain kinds of foods and still does show a strong *preference* for cereal and bread and cheese balls only, I think mostly because she had a weakness on one side of her mouth. Every couple of weeks, we would introduce a new food or taste and give her lots of encouragement. The food would be in tiny amounts on her plate about once a day. Rose had a bit of trouble eating mushy foods like bananas. J thought that we should try Tajin to "define" the fruit in her mouth. Bananas can be very mild and this gives it a little kick and texture.

Rose likes Tajin, but I will not pretend that it solved all her feeding difficulties. For us it has worked out using a bit of Tajin can help her take more than one bite of something, however.

*picture credit: wikipedia's Tajin (seasoning) page


  1. Hmmm...I've never heard of that before! Definitely not in our Walmart, either. Old El Paso is as genuine as it gets for Mexican fare, here. :/

    Bet that would be really yummy on honeydew or canary melon!

  2. Sounds delicious! I have an unfortunate side effect from chilli, so I couldn't try this without staying home the next day, but I think my sons would love this. I'm going to see if my local "Chile Mojo" store stocks it. I often go there to buy unusual bottles of hot stuff for the boys for christmas.

  3. Blondee, Old El Paso is good stuff, too! :)

    River, I hope you can find it! Though, with importing and whatnot, will prolly cost you more than $2. :)


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