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Short Thoughts

1. Elf wants to know if in New York, they eat those "British muffins." I keep telling him it's "English muffins," but when he asks, I can't tell him why there would be any difference. I hate how I can't get the last word in when it comes to stuff like that.

2. Another thing I don't get: whyyy did the NEA endorse Obama so early in the election cycle? I don't even know who all the Republican candidates ARE yet, let alone what they think about public education.

I DO know, however, that Obama seems to get zero flak for sending his kids to private school and simultaneously working against school "choice" for the rest of us. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, though? Is criticised for sending his children to private school. I dunno; I'd be hesitant to send my kid to public school if the entire state's teachers' union is praying for my DEATH. Nevermind the politics a sec on that one. But yes, Mr. Christie, it IS relevant and it IS our business.

3. Yes, it's very sad that Caylee Anthony is dead. Sadder still? There are children being killed every day via abortion, and millions of other kids already born who are being abused and/or who don't have enough food to eat, and no one is making a big stink about them. Read Dianne's beautiful post and reflect a minute on that.

4. Emperor doesn't get a few things. He would like to know, is there a website that explains the jokes and stuff you see on TV or hear from other people? Because many of these things are a mystery to him and the clues have to be somewhere... Poor Emperor.

5. And poor Elf. I am explaining to him that "Have a nice night! I hope no one sabotaged your car while you were visiting!" is probably not an appropriate way to say good-bye to our guests.


6. We just got a membership to the Kansas City Zoo. Yes, I took all the children. Yes, we are all still alive. We'll have to go back several times this summer. The polar bear is probably the best part of the zoo. Most of the zoo is (sadly!) just the old-fashioned cement block display areas with bars in front. Maybe a cement-cast "stone" and a tree inside. Needs improvement, but still worth the visit.


  1. 1. We had similar discussions over the words carpet/rug, and more recently treatment/rehab. My daughter

    2. You use sarcasm quite well.

    3. Her name will not be on my facebook, blog or searched in my search engine. There is so much attention being paid to this little girl, I am afraid we are fertilizing the ground for movie deals, book deals, photo ops... She could make millions.

    6. Our zoos are closed because of our state government shut downs. I don't really get that. I would bet they are still paying people to go in there and feed and care for the animals. Why not let visitors come and pay their entrance fee? Am I missing something?

  2. Not getting how roadside restrooms are NOT part of barebones services either, Julie. You and I know very well everyone will just pee at McD's and/or leave "bombs" by the side of the road.

    I guess it costs money to do trash pickup/restroom maintenance, crowd control etc. at the zoo so maybe that's why. But yep, they're losing money and next year? People won't want to be members b/c they didn't get good value this year. These cycles have a way of worsening themselves if we let them...

  3. Zoos are a lot of fun .. even if there is not much critter 'interaction'. We go to Busch Gardens just so this old man can see the animals .. :)

  4. Well, it just strikes me as sad that there isn't much for the animal to DO except sit there and be looked at... but it is nice to see all the animals on exhibit.

    No fish, though. I don't get that. Woodjie specially asked for fish.

  5. Yes, we wild and crazy New Yorkers do eat English muffins. Not a lot here in Blondeeville, simply because if I'm eating something called a muffin I want it packed with fruits, nuts, and sugar.

    I agree, endorsing him this early is just flippy.

    You are so right about the abortions killing many. Caylee's death is garnering more attention by far, simply because her mother exterminated her after she was allowed to live for two whole years. Tragic, especially when there are people in this world who would love and give ALL of those precious lives homes. Just truly, truly makes my heart hurt.

    The zoo again! Woo-hoo!!

  6. Tell Emperor that he should start a website or blog that explains jokes and stuff. That's a great idea! My kids would log on and read!

    And I think Elf's good-bye to your guests is awesome! I would have laughed all the way home!

  7. You're right, Blondee, of course... I suppose it's even more evil to kill your own child, a child that you can SEE and KNOW personally, than to allow yourself to be convinced that it is a "blob of tissue" and let the doctor do it. But still...

    Thanks, Daja! Some people get a little... worried at greetings like that...

  8. I can answer Elf's question about the English muffin thing. The English refer only to the eastern seaboard & middle of Britain ie England. Wales, Scotland & Ireland [& depending on who you ask, Cornwall] are not English ~ but they are British as in part of Great Britain. English muffins are, in fact, quite different to Welsh or Scots muffins. Trust me to know something so totally irrelevant.

  9. I LOVE Elf's goodbye! Thanks for making me smile today! :-)

  10. Ganeida, you DO know that now I am wondering what on earth a Welsh or Scots muffin would be like.

    Apples, you are welcome! He has plenty more doozies where that came from...

  11. Entertaining. I agree on all points. We got a zoo membership this year too. Hopefully we'll be going several times this summer too. Luckily, it seems, half our zoo is new style without the cage appearance. Of course, by in large the animals still don't have nearly the room they need to roam.

  12. I especially liked #3 and Dianne's post. Couldn't agree more. Also love #4. Bless him. Sometimes I need help with that too! And I SO miss having a zoo. The closest one is 2.5 hours a way. We have never been. Before we moved to the land where everything, except the beach, is 2.5 hours away--we went to the zoo all the time and had a family pass. It was awesome!! Oh well.


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