23 July 2011

What's His REAL Name?

"MIKE!! It on a wall!" screamed Rose, jumping and pointing. Woodjie came over to look at whatever "Mike" is. I'm in the middle of bagging poopie diapers (ugh), rounding up dirty laundry and reallllly looking forward to washing my hands. With soap. You just can't stop in the middle of a job like that. It would be too hard to get back into, you see...

"Ee MIKE!" Woodjie starts to scream. They both start hopping about and screaming. "Mike! Momma, Mike! MIKE! Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike! MIIIIKE! IT ON A WALLLLL!! WOOK!"

I'm thinking, great, they're naming spiders and I'm way too busy to kill them at the present moment. Bleh... poopies tossed into garage trash, clothes thrown next to washer two floors down, run upstairs and ahhhh water time. And grab a shoe.

"OK, where's this 'Mike?'"

"WOOK!" Woodjie points to a little green scratch on the brown wall. "MIKE!"

Siiigh. "His name is MARK, Woodjie. There is a Mark on the wall."

"Ee MIKE. Wight dere," Woodjie insisted. Well, ok. I have trouble remembering names, too. I guess he's Mike now.


  1. That is so cute and funny. Bless their hearts.

  2. Love Rose and Woodjie stories!!!

  3. AWE how CUTE is that?! I have a lot of "mikes" at my house too lol...a nice orange mike from my 2yo...gotta love it! Hope you have a great weekend(:

  4. Oh my gosh that is so cute!!! Love it!

  5. How nice that they go around finding more cleaning for you to do. since you have soooo much free time......

  6. One has to hope you don't have too many 'marks on the wall' OR they might all get their own names!
    Cute kids.

  7. So cute! I love their stories too. haha


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