27 August 2011

Dr. Burleson is Not Nuts!

He's just woefully careless, sending PEANUTS in mass mailings to people in my area! Only imagine if I had a severely anaphalactic reaction to peanuts and took special care to avoid them, only to have an entire package fall out into my hand as I opened the mail! Maybe I am over-reacting, but these little mini-packs CAN pop open in the mail, and people CAN die from touching peanuts. I might have thought the squirrel was cute, and considered using his office if our insurance would help cover it. We ARE looking into orthodontics for Emperor and we HAVE spent on orthodontics and dental surgery before. Let's just say that this is NOT the first impression I would want to leave on a prospective client.


  1. I agree, that was not a well-thought-out promotional!


  2. Very cute promo, but not well thought out. Should instead tell you if you come in to the office you can pick up a pack of nuts...then you are not unwittingly exposed.

  3. I think the peanut thing was de-hoaxed a few years ago,
    See http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/10/nut_allergy_hysteria/ as an example...

    But I agree .. A little dental floss would have been a more practical advertising give-away!


  4. Ok, it's not just me... food allergies CAN be deadly:


    Though the regular dental floss doesn't work on braces, it's a wayyy better way to advertise! :)


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