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Poor Woodjie.

He woke up showing me, "Wook. A pink. Ee URT!" Poor little guy. Took him to the bathroom and had a closer look. He couldn't tell me what happened because despite saying hello, goodbye, "need eat" and the like, he can't do the "What happened?" or "Why?" sorts of questions yet. He had his hand X-rayed and the doctor's opinion is that this is "allergic contact dermatitis," likely from a bug bite or a plant. The thing is, he was FINE when we put him to bed and we didn't hear him cry or move about all night. He just woke up this way. I wasn't sure if it were possible to break a finger in your sleep... his hand DOES look awful... and I couldn't figure out what on earth happened. The X-ray came back just fine. Am watching him carefully though the doctor didn't seem very worried about it. He has medication and at my insistence, the physician wrote a note that he was ok to go to school. I know I can chat with the school just fine and they are awesome people, but sometimes with things like this if *I* were the school nurse, I'd want a note from the doctor. Well... maybe I wouldn't if I had lots of medical training and were able to simply go, "Oh. That's just allergic contact dermatitis." :)


  1. He has his hand on one of his favourite books, "Gregory, the Terrible Eater." It's about a goat who eats weird things like juice, vegetables and scrambled eggs instead of proper cans and coats. :)

  2. LOL- I was going to ask you what book he was modeling on!! lol

    Poor guy, that does look awful. A tip for monitoring the red/sweeling area...before bed take a marker and draw along the pink line. In the morning you'll see clearly if it spread or not. Hope it's all cleared up soon!

  3. Poor Baby...

    Even if he could do the why questions, "I just woke up this way," isn't all that helpful!

  4. Poor possum, hope it clears up soon and he doesn't find anymore of whatever it was.

  5. That's a good idea, Blondee!

    Poor guy. Well, one day I woke up with a purple and pink ankle that was swollen very badly. I couldn't even walk on it. It was the strangest thing. The next night I woke up it was gone. Huh?

  6. It's an odd thing to have hapen overnight, but the world is full of odd happenings. Is there something new in or around his bed?

  7. Blondee, I hope so, too!

    Julie... I never thought of that... I was so focused on his not being able to answer the question that I forgot to question how helpful the answer will be. Always afraid they will think abuse and kid can't talk b/c of neglect. I have all kinds of therapy documentation and whatnot... but... well, you know.

    Thank you, Grandpa and Jayne!

    Virginia, that is weird... though with the allergic contact dermatitis, the notes I was given say that it can pop up 1 - 2 days AFTER exposure to the allergen. And then it can fade. So... maybe that's what happened, never know...

    River, I don't SEE anything, but it is summer and he could have had a bug bite. He is VERY fair skinned and we are very careful with sunscreen etc.

  8. Poor little guy! I hope he's not too uncomfortable. Maybe he got a bite from some funky bug in his sleep. Not a very comforting thought, I guess!

    We love Gregory, too. It's a perfect fit for a certain eater of non-edible items in our family!!

  9. That looks like a reaction to a bite... be it insect or spider. Brylee woke up one morning with one side of her face like that months ago.... it took several days to go down...


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